March 30, 2010 - Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB - Georges Rousse, Rufo Criado, and Gabriel Kondratiuk
March 30, 2010

Georges Rousse, Rufo Criado, and Gabriel Kondratiuk

Georges Rousse
Burgos 2010
Silver prints on aluminum
180 x 230 cm

Georges Rousse
“El mundo ilustrado”

Rufo Criado
“En la distancia verde”

Gabriel Kondratiuk
Cuatro Paredes: “The wanderer”

5 February – 16 May 2010

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, CAB
C/.Saldaña s/n
09003 Burgos

Georges Rousse

It is known that art is shaped by the person who looks at it: the artwork is also constructed by the observation of the active viewer, and its meaning arises from the creative process flowing from the artist towards his addressee. It is also accepted that in art, as in life, reward is not made of easy responses but of the challenges and questions formulated under the protection of the emotions and feelings arisen from our experience with it. At least, this is what happens when facing the artist from Paris George Rousse’s works, which artistic sense does not penetrate our experience as viewers in a concrete way but as a hint of a paradox inviting us to cross the line towards a new level of reality.

The Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, CAB gathers under the exhibition “El mundo ilustrado” a photographic show of Georges Rousse’s previous works, an event that will be accompanied by an intervention in the Patio de la Casa del Cordón done by the artist himself. Under the title “Burgos 2010″. Rousse has designed for the Caja de Burgos headquarters a sphere located inside a truncated pyramid which will become meaningful and coherent with the final picture, as – always happens with his work. Thus, local viewers have the chance to follow in situ this singular artist’s creative process of colourful and autonomous volumes through which he reformulates the boundaries between reality and imagination and investigates about past glories from the present. This is about an artist of light and perspective, whose visual games stimulate a new way of looking at architecture and talk about the relation between the human being and the space where he lives.

Rufo Criado

Rufo Criado’s (Aranda de Duero, 1952) new work is charcterised by geometry, colour and digital resources. He stands out as one of the more solid exponents of contemporary Spanish painting. It is some years now that he has been focusing on an artistic project characterised by landscapes- synthesised landscapes with elements such as stripes set upon a variety of chromatic backgrounds- and their counterpart, the urban environment and the trace of human activity as sources of inspiration, from artistic dialectics aiming to reconcile the most rational aspects of his creations with his expressive necessities.

Characterised by an abstract expressionism blended with the postulates of an evolved cubism, directed to the contemplation of the natural, Criado develops series and repetitions of canvas, uses pictures and videos and creates tri-dimensional volumetric works like the light boxes which have been in his latest exhibitions. His reinterpretation and deconstruction of nature through a dialogue between the original and the artificial and between the rational side of shapes and a sensorial experience underlie his exhibitions. This tension enables the artist to make these geometric schemas reflect moods, melancholy models or enthusiasm glows.

Gabriel Kondratiuk

Gabriel Kondratiuk, the Argentinean artist who lives in the Austrian city of Innsbruck (El Bolsón, 1969) shows on his paintings the two sides of the Patagonia, where he was born: in the imaginary map of his creations co-exist the western and the eastern part of the far-off South of the world. The former, where he comes from, is colossal, sumptuous, and full of mountains, lakes, glaciers, and exuberant colours going from green and blue to silver. The latter, dry, empty, desert-like and inhospitable, seeks the sea as the sole shelter (“There is nothing over there” affirmed Jorge Luis Borges). These contrasts govern Kondratiuk’s work, painter of silent deserts, of waters of infinite types of blue, of the soul of mountains and the imposing height of a territory that is, in his artistic intuition, hinted at a reflection of the Carpathian Mountains of his ancestors.

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos, CAB

Centro de Arte Caja de Burgos CAB
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