March 29, 2010 - S.M.A.K. - Ed Templeton: The Cemetery of Reason
March 29, 2010

Ed Templeton: The Cemetery of Reason

Ed Templeton
#1 Deanna #1, 2010
Courtesy Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp en Roberts & Tilton, Los Angeles

Ed Templeton:
The Cemetery of Reason

3 April – 13 June 2010

Curated by Thomas Caron
Citadelpark – 9000
Ghent – Belgium

The Cemetery of Reason is conceived as a mid-career survey of the American artist Ed Templeton (b. 1972 Orange County L.A.). The S.M.A.K. will be assembling into dazzling clusters of images: a selection of work he has done over the last fifteen years. Ed Templeton spent his youth in a world of skateboarding and punk music. While still very young he became a professional skateboarder. Besides skateboarding, he was also passionate about drawing and painting. Since the mid-nineties photography has been an integral part of his work. In the same way as he was never able to choose between skateboarding and being an artist – they fuel each other – nor has he ever been able to limit himself to one particular medium. In this exhibition more than 1200 photos, paintings and sculptures complement each other, and are of equal worth, without hierarchy.

Templeton mainly documents his own life and that of the people around him. He portraits himself and his wife Deanna, friends, family and the many people he meets on his skateboard tours. The boys and girls who hang around near a skate park, family trips, the bloody falls, the late-night parties and the intimate encounters with his wife in anonymous hotel rooms… His career as a pro skateboarder means he spends a lot of time with youngsters who are at an uncertain phase of discovery in their lives. With dreams, hope, worries, the formation of identity and the presentation of the self to the fore. Templeton is ‘one of them’, a pro skate legend and an ‘example’. This gives him the opportunity to come very close to the world they live in and to record it. He depicts their sexuality, fears, aggression, joy and problems but does not judge them. The Cemetery of Reason tells the story of a pro skateboarder, a photographer, a drawer, a painter, etc. A story which, although it focuses on his own life and those of the people around him, transcends the autobiographical and exposes social and societal phenomena unhesitatingly but without pointing a finger.

Catalogue: The exhibition is to be accompanied by the first book on Ed Templeton’s work to be published by an art institution. It contains an extensive survey of Templeton’s artistic practices and at the same time examines the various layers of meaning that make their appearance between the clusters of images.

Figures & Facts:
Title: Ed Templeton, The Cemetery of Reason
Editor: Thomas Caron
Authors: Thomas Caron, Jean-François Chevrier, Carlo McCormick, Arty Nelson and Philippe Van Cauteren
Publisher: S.M.A.K.
Lay-out: Inge Ketelers

Electrified 02 – Hacking Public Space
03.04… 13.06.2010

Curated by Thibaut Verhoeven (S.M.A.K.) and Eva De Groote (Vooruit)

The S.M.A.K. and the Vooruit Arts Centre are joining forces to overrun the town. Electrified 02 – Hacking Public Space focuses on artists whose field of action is the ‘public space’. Unbounded and virtually unregulated, they hack into the town with unannounced interventions. Traces of this seep into the museum, where new and existing works are brought face to face with flashbacks from the seventies and nineties. Fluxus and Happening artists in the sixties, Internet pioneers in the nineties and 21th Century… Although it seems difficult to call them ‘historical’, they paved the road for artists who – more then ever – work (guerrilla style) in public space, whether it’s virtual or real. Participating international artists: Ben Benaouisse (B), Carlos Rodríguez-Méndez (ES), Amilcar Packer (BR), Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost (B), Dogma00 (B), Javier Núñez Gasco (ES), Roberta Gigante (IT), Messieurs Delmotte (B), Ivan Moudov (BG), Wilfredo Prieto (CU), Lucas Murgida (USA), Julius von Bismarck (DE), Miet Warlop (B), Helmut Smits (NL), Christophe Bruno (FR), Pierre-Laurent Cassière (FR).

We can give a little preview with a work from Wilfredo Prieto. Enjoy ‘A Moment of Silence‘.

Opening exhibitions:
Friday 02.04.2010

More info:
Museum of Contemporary Art
Citadelpark – 9000
Ghent – Belgium


Practical information.
The museum is open every day from 03.04.2010 until 13.06.2010, from 10 am to 6 pm, closed on Mondays.

Press. Requests for Press Information or Images of the exhibited works may be made to
Eline Verbauwhede: – tel.: +32 (0) 9 240 76 60 | mobile: +32 (0)479 270 604

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