February 17, 2010 - Madrid Abierto - Sixth edition
February 17, 2010

Sixth edition

Sixth edition
4 – 28 February, 2010


This is the first edition of MADRID ABIERTO as a biennial event and the theme for this edition is collaboration. The open call for works announced its openness for proposals that spans across disciplines and for artists aiming to situate their work within the social realm of art practice and audience participation.

Articulating specific concerns and voicing local issues is one step closer to resolving a conflict or improving a situation. The ten commissioned artists in this edition of MADRID ABIERTO are probing into terrains that often remain in obscurity and/or silence. The aim is to reveal some of the dynamics of collaborative efforts and explore how such efforts may affect people and politics in specific places. Art must in these contexts be understood as a form of political imagination. The need to create such models is endless in today’s society.

For this sixth edition of MADRID ABIERTO, directed by Jorge Díez and curated by Cecilia Andersson, ten artists and groups have initiated a multitude of processes engaging a broad range of participative collaborators that currently are being carried out in various locations around the city: Time Notes by Gustavo Romano (Buenos Aires, 1958), Torre by Pablo Valbuena (Madrid, 1978), Unofficial tourism by Iñaki Larrimbe (Vitoria, 1967), Huert-O-bus by Lisa Cheung (Hong Kong, 1969), Ghostown by Laurence Bonvin (Sierre, Switzerland, 1967), Una Casa Digestiva Para Lavapiés by Josep-María Martín (Ceuta, 1961), Campo AA-Madrid by Adaptive Actions, Hucha de deseos: ¡Todos somos un barrio, movilízate! by Susanne Bosch (Wesel, Germany, 1967), Bajar al subterráneo recién excavado/Going down to the recently excavated underground passage by Lara Almarcegui (Zaragoza, 1972) and Vallecas Abierto: ¿Cómo nos van a ayudar con su arte? by Teddy Cruz (Guatemala, 1962) with M7Red and Iago Carro.

The following sound art projects are broadcasted during February in Libélula on RNE-Radio 3: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain by Sarah Boothroyd, Lavapiés Chipén. Memoria sonora de un barrio by Manuel Calurano Ramos and Anna Raimondo, Insert the name of the city here by Ives Coussement, Bellabells by Javier Díez-Ena, Obras by Wade Matthews, Immatereality by Annemarie Steinvoort, Memoirs of an amnesiac by Matthew Verdon, Diario Sonoro by Hernani Villaseñor Ramírez and Madrid Breathing by Gloria Zein.

This edition of MADRID ABIERTO has been realized in collaboration with Centro Cultural Montehermoso in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Fundación Rodríguez, with audiovisual works selected for the 9th and 10th edition of Intervenciones.tv: I am a clown by Fausto Grossi, Aida and Sin título by Puy San Martín and Nerea Lecuona (Sinbait), So by Izibene Oñederra, Grapak by Logela, I just want to give you money y Making of by Iván Argote, TV1 by David Elguea, Skarro by Vanesa Castro López –Fur Alle Falle-, Nazi hymn of love by Iñaki López – Fur Alle Falle- and 1968-2008 by Xuban Intxausti, Serie videos Sincita by Frabicio Caiazza, A arte da videoarte by Lobo Pasolini, Gedanken eines skispringers by Wolf D. Schreiber, Félix Vs. Cousteau by Colectivo Left Hand Rotation and the works of guests such as Antonio Mercader with Top Vídeo, Intro y…fin, by Antoni Muntadas, Buena suerte and Mala conciencia, by Eugeni Bonet and Vídeo-arte, by Joaquim Dols Rusiñol.

MADRID ABIERTO information booth, this year designed by Studio Kawamura-Ganjavian is located on Paseo de Recoletos. In addition, and with the help of María Molina, an educational pilot program has been developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Program Director: Jorge Díez
Curator: Cecilia Andersson
Coordinator: RMS La Asociación
Graphic Design: 451

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Madrid Abierto
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