February 15, 2010 - MUSEION of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano - Enea Righi collection at Museion Bolzano
February 15, 2010

Enea Righi collection at Museion Bolzano

Douglas Gordon
Self portrait of you + me (Jeanne Moreau), 2008
95 x 120 cm, burnt C-print + mixed media
Enea Righi Collection

Che cosa sono le nuvole? Artworks from the Enea Righi Collection
21 March – 19 September 2010

Opening: 20 March 2010, 7 pm. Opening with performances by Jiří Kovanda and Roman Ondák and a special project by Nedko Solakov.

MUSEION of modern and contemporary art Bolzano
Via Dante 6
39100 Bolzano – Italy


The Museion venue welcomes the Righi Collection, one of the most significant private collections of contemporary art, which to date has only been exhibited at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, France. The arrival of the collection represents an important exhibition opportunity for Museion, thanks to a ten year deposit of works in the museum.

The presentation of a selection of works from the Righi Collection aims to elicit reflections on the encounter between the public dimension and the intimate sphere of a private collection. The artists present in both collections, including Roni Horn (NY, 1955), Jana Sterback (Prague, 1955), Robert Barry (NY, 1936), Alighiero Boetti (Turin 1940 – Rome 1994) and Miroslaw Balka (Warsaw, 1958) represent the numerous convergences of vision between the museum and the private collection.

Receiving a collection like this also means adding missing pieces to the museum’s assets: Loris Gréaud’s work with light (Eaubonne, 1979) ties in with Museion’s existing nucleus of light works, while Omer Fast’s (Jerusalem, 1972) video installation highlights the museum’s growing video collection.

The various sections of the Righi collection exhibition provide an opportunity to explore its distinctive themes. There is a strong emotional tension, for example, between the socially and politically committed plastic installation by Deimantas Narkevičius (Utena, 1964) and the collages by Martha Rosler (NY, 1943) juxtaposed with Alighiero Boetti’s war pictures.

The body is a forceful presence in the works of Berlinde De Bruyckere (Ghent, 1964) and Joan Jonas (NY, 1936), while the works of Ana Mendieta (Havana, 1948-1985) and Zoe Leonard (NY, 1961), express its destruction in the transience of life.

Gordon Matta-Clark (NY, 1943 – 1978) and Dan Graham (Urbana, 1942) challenge the functional nature of architecture, which is developed by the large installation by the English artist Mike Nelson (Loughborough, 1967).

The presence of Nedko Solakov (Cherven Briag, 1957) in the exhibition opens up another facet of the collection: humour. Humour animates the room of his drawings from the last documenta in Kassel and graces Museion in a specially created project.

Curated by Éric Mézil and Letizia Ragaglia. Curatorial assistance Frida Carazzato

Catalogue published by Kaleidoscope Press, Milan
Texts by: Marco De Michelis, Éric Mézil, Roberto Pinto, Letizia Ragaglia, Andrea Viliani et al.
Multilingual edition (Italian, English, German)

Artists in the show: Miroslaw Balka; Robert Barry; Yael Bartana; Berlinde De Bruyckere; Alighiero Boetti; Trisha Donnelly; Omer Fast; Spencer Finch; Cyprien Gaillard; Ryan Gander; Kendell Geers; Mark Geffriaud; Douglas Gordon; Dan Graham; Loris Gréaud; Henrik Håkansson; Mona Hatoum; Jeppe Hein; Jenny Holzer; Roni Horn; Jonathan Horowitz; Joan Jonas; Kimsooja; Július Koller; Jiří Kovanda; Gabriel Kuri; David Lamelas; Zoe Leonard; David Maljkovic; Gordon Matta-Clark; Allan McCollum; Ana Mendieta; Deimantas Narkevičius; Mike Nelson; Roman Ondák; Kay Rosen; Martha Rosler; Markus Schinwald; Andres Serrano; Kiki Smith; Nedko Solakov; Jana Sterbak; Pascale Marthine Tayou; Francesco Vezzoli; T.J. Wilcox; Chen Zhen.

Round table discussion: “Private collections and institutions. New prospects for reciprocal exchanges between the intimate and public spheres”; Thursday, 22 April, 8 pm at Museion. Participants: Gabriella Belli (Director of MART, Rovereto), Enea Righi (collector), Antonio Dalle Nogare (collector) and Massimo Lauro and Angela Maria Favorite (collectors). Moderator: Ludovico Pratesi, Director of Centro Arti Visive Pescheria of Pesaro.

Save the date: ALICJA KWADE (24.03.10-15.05.10). Peep-Hole Milano and Museion Bolzano present the show which inaugurates the project Six Ways to Sunday. For further information: Peep-Hole Milano, www.peep-hole.org

Museion’s institutional partners: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano – Alto Adige, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano

MUSEION of modern and contemporary art Bolzano

MUSEION of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano
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