December 16, 2009 - ArtReview - 60th Anniversary Issue
December 16, 2009

60th Anniversary Issue

60th Anniversary Issue

In a special issue marking six decades in publication, London-based contemporary art magazine ArtReview looks back at its own history, from black-and-white tabloid newspaper to today’s glossy edition, focusing on key movements, artists and critics (among them Lawrence Alloway, Reyner Banham and Peter Fuller) from each decade and including reproductions of some of the best articles. The first issues of ArtReview (or Art News and Review, as it was then titled) featured artists’ self-portraits on the cover. In tribute to this, the anniversary issue features a portfolio of self-portraits by artists, photographers and critics who have contributed to the magazine over the last four years. Another feature focuses on the evolving role of art magazines more generally, speculating on the role art magazines might play in the coming decades, with contributions from Peter Saville, Linder and Elisabeth Lebovici, among others.



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