“The manifold (after)lives of performance”

“The manifold (after)lives of performance”

De Appel / STUK — House for Dance, Image & Sound

October 30, 2009

"The manifold (after)lives of performance"
13, 14, 15 November, 2009

A multidisciplinary conference and performances

Tickets: 0031 626 68 66 (de Appel):
0032 16 320 300 (STUK)



De Appel (Amsterdam) and STUK Kunstencentrum (Leuven, BE) collaboratively present “The manifold (after)lives of performance”, a two day conference exploring unusual and alternative ways of presenting and documenting live performances.

Performance and live art are forms of art that have been situated for years and years in the margins of disciplines. The actions of the Futurists and Dadaists, as well as the protagonists of Fluxus and performances related to body art, were artistic expression that often presented themselves unannounced or spontaneously. The time-bound moment of a performance conflicts with the desire to keep these sorts of works of art ‘alive’ afterwards, to collect them and to present them to spectators who were not present at the original moment.

Whereas a performance was initially a once-only, unrepeatable live moment, artists today are making increasing use of scripts, scenarios and characters/factors. They no longer keep to the ‘unique’ nature of the performance, but put on several repeat performances; what’s more, they appear to deal consciously with the traces and relics left behind by their actions.

The complex question which has been addressed in conferences such as “After the Act” (MUMOK, Wenen, 2005) and “How to perform? Re-enactment and documentation in performance art” (Kunsthalle, Fridericianum, Kassel, 2006) that is still relevant today is how artists and organisations involved in presenting and collecting can make ephemeral performances and live actions meaningful once again after the short-lived momentum of the original production.

Taking this question as its starting point, de Appel and STUK took the iniative to organise the conference “The manifold (after) lives of performance”, which will have a sequel in November 2010.

On the basis of examples taken from practice, the conference, which will present the viewpoint of artists as well as theorists, will explore the (im)possibilities of recording, documenting and archiving performances, as well as the challenges of re-enacting, activating or recontextualising of performance.

With contributions by Peter Baren (NL) & Ondra Libal (CZ), Dirk Braeckman (BE) & Els Dietvorst (BE) (TIME Festival), Marie Cool(FR) & Fabio Balducci (IT), Serge Delbruyère (BE), Sophie Delpeux (FR), Annie Fletcher (IE/NL), Myriam van Imschoot (BE), Inside Movement Knowledge (ML), Eric Mangion (FR), Eva Meyer-Hermann (DE), Sarah Vanhee (BE), David Weber–Krebs (BE) & Alexander Schellow (DE).

The conference in STUK is part of the multidisciplinary performance festival Playground, which is on view in Leuven from November 6 till 13. Playground presents performances, artworks and installations by visual artists, theatre makers and choreographers who explore and bridge the boundaries between dance, film, theatre, music and visual arts. More information: www.playgroundfestival.be


13 Nov. In STUK Kunstencentrum, Naamsestraat 96, Leuven:
Conference: 2 pm – 6 pm
Performances: Sarah Vanhee “The Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas”, 8.30 pm and Rimini Protokoll “Breaking News”, 8.30 pm

14 Nov. in Theatre Frascati, Nes 63 Amsterdam:
Conference: 2 pm – 6 pm
Performances: Serge Delbruyère “Build it & they will cum”, 7.00 pm Peter Baren “DISCOVER HEAVEN (Under The Arches Of Societies)”, 8.30 pm

15 Nov. in Theatre Frascati, Nes 63 Amsterdam:
Performances: Serge Delbruyère “Build it & they will cum”, 7.00 pm
Peter Baren “FLEET OF ARKS (Under The Arches Of Societies)”, 8.30 pm

The detailed programme can be found on our websites:
de Appel arts centre, www.deappel.nl ,
STUK Kunstencentrum, Playground festival, www.playgroundfestival.be

“The manifold (after)lives of performance” has received support from: Gemeente Amsterdam, Ministerie van OCW and De Mondriaan Stichting

For media information:
Browse: www.deappel.nl / www.stuk.be or www.playgroundfestival.be
or Hiske Zomer (de Appel) E: hzomer@deappel.nl T: +31-20-6255651, or Frank Geypens (STUK) E frank.geypens@stuk.be T 0032 16 320 313

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De Appel / STUK — House for Dance, Image & Sound
October 30, 2009

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