October 16, 2009 - Museum Het Domein - Anne-Marie Schneider
October 16, 2009

Anne-Marie Schneider

Anne-Marie Schneider, sans titre (Jambes Longues), 2003. Touche on paper, 32,5×38 cm;. Courtesy Galerie Nelson-Freeman, Paris.

Anne-Marie Schneider
Jambes Longues

26 September 2009 – 3 January 2010

Postbus 230
6130 AE Sittard
The Netherlands
T 0031 (0)46-4513460
info [​at​] hetdomein.nl


This autumn, Museum Het Domein in Sittard is proud to present a comprehensive exhibition of work by artist, sculptor and filmmaker Anne-Marie Schneider (Chauny, France, 1962). Jambes Longues is Schneider’s first museum solo outside of her homeland.

Schneider first gained international repute primarily for her endearing, pared-down drawings that have the immediacy of strip cartoons. Schneider’s work is at once tragic and absurd, lending it a profound psychological impact. Her intimate, articulate drawings read like diary entries. In Schneider’s work, the personal and the political go hand in hand. The drawings comment on everyday experiences, literature, political events and media images. Her rapid sketches testify to a fascination with commonplace situations. With a gentle mockery, she challenges conventions and expectations, and by doing so creates space for the imagination and for the a-typical individual. A selection of her drawings was presented in Documenta X in Kassel (1993), followed by solo presentations in 2003 and 2008 at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

The exhibition in Museum Het Domein focuses on exemplary bodies of work of the last few years, with an emphasis on drawings, sculptures and installations. Jambes Longues begins with Schneider’s powerful Documenta drawing series (1997), possibly her most overtly political work to date. Another group of drawings and sculptures explores the theme of the egg. Not simply fragile, but single and multiple, the egg is a recurrent theme in the artist’s oeuvre, symbolising life, society, creativity, fertility and sexuality. An overview of Schneider’s simple films in which drawn animations are interwoven with pulsing images from her Super-8 camera completes the exhibition.

In the course of the exhibition, Het Domein will present a new publication on the work of Anne-Marie Schneider. At the same time Het Domein presents the exhibition: Becoming Blue, a photo project of the young Dutch photographer Anouk Kruithof.

More information and images can be found in the virtual press room, which is accessible through the museum’s home page, www.hetdomein.nl. If you have any questions, please contact us: Karin Adams & Roel Arkesteijn, +31 (0)46 451 3460; karin.adams@hetdomein.nl; roel.arkesteijn@hetdomein.nl.

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