August 10, 2009 - Preus museum - Photography Day 2009
August 10, 2009

Photography Day 2009

Unknown photographer
Monica and auntie Martha
Private family photo from Lill-Ann
Chepstow-Lusty’s project Gay Kids

Photography Day 2009
Cultural heritage and Family photography
Festival exhibitor: Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty
Sunday 16th August 12-18

Kulturparken Karljohansvern
Kommandørkaptein Klincks vei 7
3183 Horten, Norway

Photography Day 2009 takes place for the third time and celebrates the year of cultural heritage by focusing on family photography, highlighted by the main exhibition and four talks on the subject.

Family- and snapshot photographs represent some of our most important cultural memories. Everyday we produce thousands of family- and vernacular photographs. The production of our own storytelling has existed since the childhood of photography, but it is not until recently that researchers, artists and museums have shown interest in this material.

The event is packed with outdoor exhibitions, competitions, a second hand market, music, food, and special activities for children.

The festival exhibitor
Preus Museum is proud to present Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty as this year’s festival exhibitor. She is a well established photographer represented in the Preus Museum’s collection. In collaboration with Gay and Lesbian Health Norway, she has produced Gay Kids; a book and photo exhibition presented during Photography Day.

It started as an art project: to portray the childhood of gay women and men before their gay identity fell into place. Gay Kids is a collection of photographs selected by Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty from the project participant’s family albums; “Could one identify the gay gene when looking at old family pictures? After the project grew it turned out that the answer was no; these were pictures of children, and the starting point of the project was formed by my own prejudice. It was at this point that the project really became interesting”, says Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty.

The exhibition has previously been shown at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo.

Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty (NO):
Gay Kids – cool kids that also exist
Mette Sandbye (DK) University of Copenhagen:
Family photography – private or collective history?
Elina Heikka (FI), Director, Finnish Museum of Photography:
Your daughters and web galleries – mothers’ confessions
Christine Hansen (NO), Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Bergen:
The everyday language of photographs

Wall of fame!
Another main attraction is the large outdoor show exhibiting more than 50 photographers across a 100-meter long exhibition wall. 44 photographers have been selected by a jury, whilst 7 photographers have been specially invited by the Norwegian photography associations: Aina C. Hole (Norwegian Advertising and Commercial Photographers), Andrea Gjestvang (Press Photographer’s Association), Ann Christine Eek (Norwegian Institutional Photographer’s Association), Einar Hansen (Association of Independent Photographers), Jan Erik Wessel (Norwegian Nature Photographers), Michaela Klouda (Norwegian Photographer’s Association), Rita Askvik (The Norwegian Photographic Society).

This exhibition is divided into three different categories:

Amateur photographers: The good picture.
Bjørgulf Brevik, Erik Tandberg, Heidi Gustafson, Jan Martin Danielsen, Jarle Harkestad, Jorun Fjellanger, Karl Evald Wigestrand, Nina Johnsen Hove, Nina Staff, Norbert Lümmen, Oddvar Klaussen, Oliwia Beszczynska, Sigrid Aalandslid, Stian Bringsverd Olsen, Tor-Arne Riksheim, Åsmund Holien Mo

Camera based artists and documentary photographers: Project
Alette Schei Rørvik, Anders Jørgensen, Andrea Lumb, Anette Bentsen, Ann Iren Jamtøy, Anne Helene Gjelstad, Bodil Røvik-Larsen, Dag-Arve Forbergskog, Gunnar Mjaugedal, Hanne Johnsen, Henrik Lindal, Ingrid Holand, Jørn Tomter, Marthe Samuelsen, Mathilde Helene Pettersen, Mikkel Moxness, Paul Borhaug, Signe Christine Urdal, Simon Torssell Lerin, Stine Marie Nord Pettersen, Thomas Ekström, Torkil Færø, Werner Anderson

Professional and commercial photographers: Visual Reality
Charlotte Sverdrup, Gunnar Mjaugedal, Tonje Kornelie, Torkil Færø

Other activities
Photography Day offers a variety of activities. Both children and adults can enjoy the Photo Sprint, a time based photo competition where you bring your own digital camera. Or you can make your own pictures with the help of sunlight, water and magical paper!

In the museum’s conservation workshop you can have a look at old family albums, and you can browse through our second-hand market where you can find many goodies within technical equipment and old photographs.

On stage
Fym! will play their own composed and improvised material. The band consists of Eirik Dørsdal on trumpet and Andreas Stensland Løwe on keys.

Photography Day is a collaboration between Preus museum and Norwegian Photographer’s Association, Norwegian Advertising and Commercial Photographers, Association of Independent Photographers, Norwegian Institutional Photographer’s Association, Press Photographer’s Association, The Norwegian Photographic Society, Norwegian Nature Photographers and Norwegian Society for the History of Photography.

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