August 3, 2009 - Cabinet - Issue 34: out now
August 3, 2009

Issue 34: out now

Issue 34, with a special section on “Testing,”
available now

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“Testing” is here! Your examination will cover
- Mark Dery’s IQ test results
- Tom Holert on art psychology testing
- D. Graham Burnett on Princeton University’s long-term “mind over matter” project
- Michael D. Gordin on nuclear dustcatching
- John Downer on aircraft bird-ingestion tests
- Joshua Katz on the etymology of the word “test”
- Colin Burgess on animals in space
- Mats Bigert on the pitch drop experiment
- Tom Waidzunas on phallometry testing
- A portfolio of projective personality tests
- A whole buncha red-faced Cabinet subscribers

Additional materials covered on the exam may include
- Jay Oles’s inquiry into the architectural legacy of Francisco Salamone
- Self-portraits of Trish Morrissey belonging to various families
- Allen S. Weiss on names
- Margaret Wertheim on the Monster of mathematics
- Joshua Dubler and Andrea Sun-Mee Jones on assassins
- Jeff Dolven on the player piano works of Conlon Nancarrow
- Sally O’Reilly on the color magenta
- Brian Dillon on the illnesses of Andy Warhol
- Natalie de Souza on the perils of a certain kind of hospitality
- Joshua Foer’s catalogue of useful corpses
- Anthony Grafton, incensed with Cabinet editors

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