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July 1, 2009

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Cover PAVILION #13
Sebastian Moldovan
“Sketch for the tomato garden”
ball point pen on paper
21×30 cm



Social medicine is a branch of medicine that studies the health of the population in correlation with the social factors influencing it and with the organizational models within the healthcare system. This is the standard definition of the social medicine.

If social medicine means bringing into concrete the „health” status of a certain human community, the Pavilion proposal aims to separate this topic from its strictly medical aspect and to place the concept of social medicine in the political, anthropological and/or epistemological plan. Apart from the health condition of a certain population, social medicine can also refer to the comprehension of the problems a society is confronted with, as a result of a certain governmental, social or economical reality, with a special focus on the way these problems are ascertained and confronted.

Social medicine means the rationalization of the problems arising to the governmental practice by “…the particular phenomena regarding a group of living beings, organized in the form of a population: healthcare, hygiene, birthrate, life expectancy, race… These problems have been raising a growing interest from the 19th century up to now, and they represented a permanent political and economical stake. They could not be dissociated from the frame of political rationality within which they appeared and gained accuracy. In a system that shows its interest towards the observance of the subjects’ rights and free initiative, how can we approach the «population» phenomenon, with its specific problems and results? In the name of what and according to what regulations should it be managed?” (Michel Foucault)

Pavilion invites anthropologists, theoreticians, philosophers, artists, curators etc. to debate on the problems of the social medicine. The debate will include both the point of view established by the methodology of the profession as such, and the perspective of the private and communitarian experiences, in an attempt to find the proper “antidotes” for the traumas of the so-called “post-” societies.

( free download the pdf version of the issue at www.pavilionmagazine.org/pavilion_13.pdf )

In this issue:


The Archaeology of Knowledge
Michel Foucault


The Brick and the Balloon: Architecture, Idealism and Land Speculation
Fredric Jameson

Aids and Capitalist Medicine
Charles W. Hunt

The Socialism of the 21st Century
Heinz Dieterich

Reading is an argument: Althusser’s commandment, conjecture and contradiction
Liam O Ruairc

Commercialization of images of Revolution (1968 – 2008)
A case study of image copyright and post-socialism
Ana Peraica

Social Engineering of the City and Urban Design‚ Ideology as an Achilles Heel
Wouter Vanstiphout

Political Art Between Reform and Revolution
Mikkel Bol


What Is Socialist Medicine?
Vicente Navarro

Defending the right to sexual and reproductive choice in Chile
Mario Parada Lezcano, Paula Santana Nazarit

From Philosopher to Philosophe The Role of the Medecin-Philosophe
Kathleen Wellman

Nomadic Power and Cultural Resistance
Critical Art Ensemble

From the Critique of Institutions to the Aesthetic of Administration
On the work of Santiago Sierra
Wiebke Gronemeyer

Market or Democracy?
Anders Lundkvist


Stefan Constantinescu
Sebastian Moldovan
Akram Zaatari
Jakob Kolding
Jakup Ferri
International Errorista
Alex Mirutziu
Carlos Aires


A journal for politics and culture that name alludes to the relative temporary structure of the contemporary art.

The journal is presenting wide-ranging, multi-disciplinary content in each issue through the varied formats of regular column, essays, interviews, and artist projects.

Our publication addresses to a broad audience of readers, which are interested in contemporary culture and recent political and social issues and does not only want to describe contemporary phenomenon but with its militant attitude it tries to directly intervene in cultural, political and social life.

Every issue has a special theme, which gives the general outline for the accumulation of texts, artworks and projects.

Moreover, PAVILION is the producer of many related projects like BUCHAREST BIENNALE | Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art, www.bucharestbiennale.org

Our blog: pavilion.pavilionmagazine.org/

Flexicover, English, 14.5 x 19.5 cm, 224 pages (72 color), wrapped in plastic.

In Bucharest can be found exclusively at PAVILION center for contemporary art & culture with 30% discount. For students 50% discount.

Internationally distributed in Europe, Australia, USA, Asia.

Can be found on the Venezia Biennale book shop as well.

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