May 4, 2009 - frieze - May issue 123: Out Now
May 4, 2009

May issue 123: Out Now

May issue 123: Out Now

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In the May Issue:

Jonathan Griffin reflects on the work of the influential British artist Eric Bainbridge who is fascinated by surfaces and disguises, the exotic and the mundane.

Bruce Hainley finds parallels in the careers of Alex Bag and Harmony Korine, artists who rose to youthful notoriety in the 1990s and who have recently returned with a museum show and a feature film.

Dominic Eichler exposes the rich layers of reference and discursive discordance in Stephen Prina‘s installations, performances and objects.

Martin Herbert discusses animism and imagination in Phillip Allen‘s painterly abstractions.

Kirsty Bell explores the unique language of Charline von Heyl‘s paintings, developed in the face of information streams and image overload.

Jennifer Allen sees the society of the spectacle reflected in disco balls, Joseph Clarke looks at how architects are dealing with the problems of housing the 600 million people in China who are moving from rural areas to major cities, and Jace Clayton assesses the highs and lows of ‘Auto-Tune’ software.

Amy Sillman contributes a specially commissioned project and, in ‘Life in Film’, Gerard Byrne lists the movies that have influenced his practice.

Fiona Tan responds to the frieze Questionnaire.

23 exhibition reviews from around the world including the UK, the USA,
Belgium, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and Thailand.

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Videos and audio from the current issue, including excerpts from films by Alex Bag and Harmony Korine, songs by Stephen Prina, music from a project by Ruth Ewan, a video by Stephan Burger and excerpts from films by Jonathan Demme and Peter Lennon. Music from T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Chaba Djenet, Sunn O))) and The Monks.

Also, more exhibition reviews from around the world, regularly updated opinion and debate on the Editors’ Blog, and columns from frieze writers on contemporary art and culture in the Comment section.

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