April 29, 2009 - Bonner Kunstverein - Three new exhibitions
April 29, 2009

Three new exhibitions

Three new exhibitions




Opening: May 8th, 7pm

Hochstadenring 22
53119 Bonn


May 9th – July 5th 2009 , opening Friday, May 8th, 7pm

Young artist ANNA LEA HUCHT (*1980 in Bonn) is staging her first comprehensive institutional single exhibit at the Bonner Kunstverein. The Master student of Prof. Erwin Gross (Art Academy Karlsruhe) was awarded Horst-Janssen Graphic Award by the Claus-Hüppe Foundation in 2008. ANNA LEA HUCHT’s artistic output is mainly comprised of drawings and watercolors, with the recent addition of ceramic objects. Her drawings give the viewer a bird’s eye glimpse into richly detailed interior scenes that appear as intimate hideaways, often through a window. The images do not necessarily portray real living spaces; instead they seem to be constructed images of self-observed experience and behavior. Familiar prototypes of living spaces like an attic room, an upper-class apartment or a shared kitchen, serve as backdrops for disturbing situations or surreal objects that are presented like in a Wunderkammer. Female beings lost in reverie dance through the room like faint ghosts. Masks, pictures, designer pieces and mundane everyday objects do not simply serve as decoration. Instead they are conceived evidence of an elusive portrayal of mood and identity. The exhibit at the Bonner Kunstverein combines these recent drawings and watercolors with ceramic objects. Through molded pairs of eyes, ANNA LEA HUCHT’s vases become anthropomorphic figures. With her plastic works, the artist is extending the fantasticism of her drawings into the showroom and endowing them with an installational dimension. The exhibit will subsequently be on display at the Kunsthalle Mainz. An artist book accompanying the exhibit is published by Ringier Verlag in cooperation with the Horst-Janssen Graphic award from the Claus-Hüppe Foundation and the Kunsthalle Mainz.

Supported by the Stiftung Kunst der Sparkasse in Bonn

May 9th – July 5th 2009
, opening Friday, May 8th, 7pm

GESINE GRUNDMANN (*1974 in Cologne) attended the London Goldsmiths College before studying at the Düsseldorf Art Academy with professors TONY CRAGG and HUBERT KIECOL and becoming a master student of ROSEMARIE TROCKEL. The starting points of her works are found materials from her immediate surroundings, such as fabric, metal, wood and plastic. Whole objects as well as fragments are subject to GRUNDMANN’s discerning view. Low-quality raw materials are often exchanged for ones of higher value, as is the case with a platinum tin can. On the other hand, glass fiber reinforced corrugated plastic, which is normally used in construction, is molded into minimalistic open cubes. By abrading the beige-white material’s surface in an intricate process, GRUNDMANN brings out individual fibers and gives the typically glossy substance a matt texture. By oscillating between industrial mass production and handcraft, between low and high quality and between designer piece and everyday object, her minimalist works put the viewer in the uncertain space between appearance and reality. Her works for the Bonner Kunstverein were produced during her working stay in Tel Aviv, Israel in September 2008.

MONIKA STRICKER (*1978, lives in Düsseldorf) attended the Düsseldorf Art Academy and studied and graduating as a master student of RITA McBRIDE’s.

Like GRUNDMANN, STRICKER works in sculpture and installation. In her works, the artist negotiates form and substance of art- and everyday history. Among the pieces are designed incense holders, as seen on the Bonner Kunstverein’s member tags in 2009, as well as costumes and props used in films. STRICKER emphasizes her objects’ form language and their correlation. By placing found forms and objects in a different context she questions their present and future validity. Her works often appear as ironic commentary that tears at established terminology, denotations and assertions. The subject of her work at the Bonner Kunstverein deals with ornamental tribal symbols like the ones we commonly encounter as tattoos nowadays.

May 9th 2009 – May 2010, Friday, May 8th, 7pm opening

CHRISTINE WÜRMELL (*1972, lives in Berlin) has been invited to graze the foyer of the Bonner Kunstverein for one year after her predecessors MICHAEL BAUER and PHILIPPE DECRAUZAT. WÜRMELL was a master student with GEORG BASELITZ and earned an MA Arts degree from the California Institute of Arts in Los Angeles.

CHRISTINE WÜRMELL is developing a new large-size collage for the Bonner Kunstverein, which will extend over the length of the entire wall. Her conceptual approach focuses on the manifold strategies for possibilities of artistic participation, particularly in the area of visual communication. She takes signets, graffiti, tags and numeral codes, all found in public space in one way or another, and analyzes them for functionality, coding and target group. WÜRMELL takes excerpts of these omnipresent sign- and image phenomena and makes them her own. By integrating them into a thematically charged network in a contradictory and definitely ironic collage, she is putting their effectiveness to the test.

GUIDED TOURS of the exhibitions
Wednesday, May 20th, 6pm with Stephan Strsembski
Thursday, June 18th, 6pm with Anna Dietz

Tuesday, June 16th, 7pm: artist talk with GESINE GRUNDMANN and MONIKA STRICKER. Moderator: Catrin Lorch, art critic
Tuesday, June 30th, 7pm, artist talk and artist book presentation ANNA LEA HUCHT. Moderator: Prof. Anne-Marie Bonnet (University Bonn) and Christina Végh

Contact: Anna Dietz, a.dietz@bonner-kunstverein.de, +49 228 693936

Bonner Kunstverein

Bonner Kunstverein
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