April 21, 2009 - Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm - Cristina David & Anna Nyberg
April 21, 2009

Cristina David & Anna Nyberg

Left: Anna Nyberg, Target
Right: Cristina David, Teaching a Plant the Romanian Diacritics

Cristina David & Anna Nyberg
Visual Playgrounds

25 April – 28 August 2009

Curator: Catrin Lundqvist

Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm
Skeppsbron 20
Stockholm Sweden


Visual Playgrounds
an exhibition about how visual reality is transmitted into different media

Imagine a day when the weather is relatively cold and the sky is grey, and as you sit by the desk you become aware of a change in the colour of the sky and a turn to sunshine. Looking through the window, you see the sky bearing wonderful light and the image of reality has been changed outside.

In a day-to-day situation each individual’s visual creativity finds artistic ways of relating to the surrounding environment. Within the field of visual art, some artists are more interested than others in perception and aesthetic collaboration. Cristina David, Bucharest, and Anna Nyberg, Stockholm, worked together to make Visual Playgrounds come true. The exhibition is a result of the two artists’ support of each other’s artistic outlines and their collaborative ways of finding individual space for their art. When artists are given the possibility to play together, which in this case means using their artistic capacities to create a common activity, new art can be born. That is the curatorial method of the exhibition Visual Playgrounds.

Marcia Sá Cavalcante Schuback, Associate Professor at Södertörn University College, Stockholm was invited to write a text about what image is for the catalogue of the exhibition. The artist Suwan Laimanee, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and curator Catrin Lundqvist complemented her input with the video that is shown in the exhibition.

Cristina David (born 1979) started her artistic training at the Art Academy in Bucharest and completed her MDA at the Art Academy in Bergen. Video art is her prime choice of artistic medium. Cristina also works with photography and installations. Her often humorous texts and images are related. The stories come from day-to-day life. In her texts, she blends her personal experiences and thoughts. Cristina David has said that her stories often emerge from her impatience at the slow motion of daily life.

Anna Nyberg (born 1966) works with “low” materials, for example second-hand furniture or cheap material such as plastic tape. She took her MDA at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, where she established her artistic way of regarding the surrounding reality. Her art is an ongoing conversation with the reality that rooms, floors and entire buildings hold. Her concrete way of working fools the viewer’s eyes and a certain imbalance is created. Viewers are drawn into a visual phenomenon that contains an element of surprise.

Opening 25 April, 6-9 pm

6 pm Interactive Food Happening by artist Suwan Laimanee

7 pm Talk and catalogue launch
Participants: Cristina David, Catrin Lundqvist and Anna Nyberg

Admission to the institute is always free
Opening hours Monday – Friday 10 am-5 pm
Visit www.rkis.se or call +468207600 for more information.

Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm
Skeppsbron 20
Stockholm Sweden info@rkis.se

Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm

Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm
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