April 17, 2009 - Bloomberg SPACE - COMMA 03/04: Jose Dávila and Jaime Gili
April 17, 2009

COMMA 03/04: Jose Dávila and Jaime Gili

Installation shot COMMA03: Jose Davila and installation shot COMMA04: Jaime Gili, Bloomberg SPACE, 2009

A dynamic new series of monthly commissions

Jose Dávila and Jaime Gili
1 – 25 April 2009

Bloomberg SPACE
50 Finsbury Square,
London EC2A 1HD


COMMA focuses entirely on the commissioning of new work providing exceptional opportunities for artists to experiment and expand their practice in relation to the particular nature of Bloomberg SPACE.

Twenty of today’s most outstanding established and emerging international artists have been invited to create new work, installations and architectural interventions in a fast paced succession of exhibitions created in response to Bloomberg SPACE and seen there for the first time.

The new programme continues Bloomberg SPACE’s reputation for presenting the unknown alongside the very well known drawing on a group of artists from across the globe. The programme spans a wide range of media – during the year painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, performance and film are all featured – and retains the potential for one-off or performative events.

COMMA 03 Jose Dávila
In the front gallery Mexican artist Jose Dávila has created a dramatic sculptural presence and architectural intervention. The Sierpinski Variable (2009) presents an eloquent large-scale constellation of suspended geometrical shapes which explores Dávila’s recurring fascination on levitating and disintegrating structures.

The basic units of the composition are hexagonal frames made of wooden hardboards. The inside of these frames are illuminated with fluorescent tubes, somehow reminiscent of corporate office light fixtures. Each one of these hexagons is missing at least one of its sides, giving way to the visual permeability of the group. Partly because of this, light becomes the inter-connective tissue between the fragments of this suspended labyrinth.

COMMA 04 Jaime Gili
Jaime Gili has animated the rear gallery and atrium with a dazzling prismatic display, reminiscent of both a Modernist structure and a medieval cathedral. Using coloured vinyl on the interior windows ascending seven floors, he has transformed the space with his trademark geometric reflections. Gili combines references to Latin American Modernism with a Venezuelan tradition of mass-produced print media, particularly posters, placed within architectural spaces.

About Bloomberg SPACE
Bloomberg SPACE is a gallery based at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London and is dedicated to commissioning and exhibiting contemporary art. It welcomes visitors six days a week and admission is free.

COMMA continues with commissions including:
7 May – 23 May 2009
COMMA 05 Dan Perjovschi
COMMA 06 Jadranka Kosorcic

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Bloomberg SPACE

Bloomberg SPACE
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