América Latina y el Caribe

América Latina y el Caribe

Institute of Puerto Rican Culture

Left: Poster 5, Ena Andradete
Right: Poster 6, Benkee Chang, Carlos González and Alvaro Bustillos

April 9, 2009

América Latina y el Caribe
April 18 – June 30, 2009

Opening: 7pm, April 18, 2009

Artistic Director: Adriano Pedrosa
Co-Curators: Julieta González,
Jens Hoffmann
Guest Curator: Beatriz Santiago

Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española
La Puntilla, Viejo San Juan


The 2da Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan: América Latina y el Caribe has reinterpreted the notion of the poly/graphic proposed by its first edition, in 2004. For this Trienal the poly/graphic unfolds into multiple experimental and marginal, printed and graphic practices, encompassing a diverse range of poly/graphic platforms such as artists’ books, posters, magazines, wallpapers as well as a large-scale multipart exhibition. A special focus is given to publications, which lie at the very center of this Trienal and are displayed in the reading room at the exhibitions spaces at the old Arsenal de la Marina, located in old San Juan.

Complementing the publications, the 2da Trienal expands to offer a constellation of solo exhibitions of artists whose work examines graphic design, printed matter and typography alongside a number of group exhibitions that revolve around the poly/graphic: money bills (Marginal Money), newspapers (Journals), the archive (Personal Records, Public Histories), flags (Vexillology), as well as books as objects (Literary Forms).

A larger and comprehensive catalogue, published in Spanish and in English, will follow, documenting the entire exhibition and its publications, including images of the works on view as well as texts by the curators and interviews with participating artists and desginers.

Solo Exhibitions and Solo Projects
Abdiel Segarra
Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck
Carlos Amorales
Christopher Cozier
Dr. Lakra
Erick Beltrán
Eric Schroeder
Gabriel Sierra
Gastón Pérsico & Cecilia Salkowitz
José Carlos Martinat
Julieta Aranda
Luis Romero
Mario Ybarra Jr.
Mauricio Lupini
Miler Lagos
Runo Lagomarsino
Sandra Cinto
Taller Popular de Serigrafía

Marginal Money
Cildo Meireles
Darío Fernando Ramírez Segura
Gabriel Sierra
Jac Leirner
Nicolás Robbio
Rolando Castellón
Marcelo Cidade
Mateo López
Máximo González
Miguel Angel Rojas
Roberto Matos

Carlos Navarrete
Chemi Rosado
Gabriel Kuri
Franklin Cassaro
Johanna Calle
Jorge Macchi

Literary Forms
Adrián Villar Rojas
Hisae Ikenaga
José Dávila
Juan Araujo
Juan Mejía & Giovanni Vargas
Marco Rountree
Miler Lagos
Satch Hoyt
Valeska Soares
William Córdova

Personal Records, Public Histories
Carla Zaccagnini
Iñaki Bonillas
Jesús “Bubu” Negrón
Julieta Aranda
Kristine Serviá
Mabe Bethônico
Magdalena Jitrik
Nicolás Guagnini
Pablo Accinelli

Adriana Lara
Alexandre da Cunha
Carolina Caycedo
Federico Herrero
Hew Locke
Julio César Morales
Juan Capistrán
Wilfredo Prieto

Artists’ Books
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Alejandro Cesarco
Alexander Apóstol
Carolina Caycedo
Cao Guimarães
Chemi Rosado
Dominique González-Foerster
Flavia Gandolfo
Fernando Bryce
Gilda Mantilla & Raimond Chaves
Jesús “Bubu”Negrón
Juan Araujo
Mario García Torres
Mateo López
Nicolás Robbio
Pablo Helguera
Popular de Lujo
Renata Lucas
Rivane Neuenschwander
Tony Cruz

Número Cero Magazine
Número Cero 1: Carla Zaccagnini
Número Cero 2: María Inés Rodríguez
Número Cero 3: Allora & Calzadilla with Charles Juhasz
Número Cero 4: Magali Arriola
Número Cero 5: Rita Gonzalez
Número Cero 6: Beatriz Santiago
Muñoz & Julieta González

Poster 1: Alexander Wright
Poster 2: Gabriel Piovanetti & Luis Díaz
Poster 3: Alex Quinto
Poster 4: Carlos González & Álvaro Bustillos Bustillos
Poster 5: Ena Andrade
Poster 6: Javier Cirioni & Santiago Velazco

Artists’ Talks
Escuela de Artes Plásticas, San Juan

April 13
4 pm Jesús “Bubu” Negrón
6 pm Gastón Pérsico y Cecilia Szalkowicz

April 14
4 pm Miler Lagos
6 pm Mario Ybarra Jr.

April 15
4 pm Chris Cozier
6 pm Gabriel Sierra

April 16
2 pm Alessandro Balteo
4 pm Julieta Aranda
6 pm Erick Beltrán

April 17
4 pm Sandra Cinto
6 pm Dr. Lakra

April 21
6 pm Carolina Caycedo

Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña
Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Española
La Puntilla, Viejo San Juan
P.O. Box 9024184
San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00902-4184
T: (787) 725 8320; (787) 724 18770

2da Trienal Poli/Gráfica de San Juan

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April 9, 2009

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