April 3, 2009 - Pro Arte Foundation - Antony Gormley and Susan Philipsz in Helsinki
April 3, 2009

Antony Gormley and Susan Philipsz in Helsinki

IHME Project 2009
Antony Gormley: Clay and The Collective Body, the first day
Kaisaniemi Field, Helsinki
Photo: Kai Widell

Antony Gormley and Susan Philipsz in Helsinki


Eerikinkatu 2, 3rd floor
00100 Helsinki



IHME Project Clay and the Collective Body challenges Helsinki residents

The first cluster of IHME productions include IHME Project 2009: Antony Gormley’s Clay and the Collective Body in Helsinki and the IHME Days, forum for discussion in April.

Antony Gormley’s (b. 1950) participatory work Clay and the Collective Body brought to Helsinki a giant cube of clay for the public to mold. Shaping the cube is a shared challenge for the participants, and also a collective bodily experience. Almost 2000 people can participate over a period of ten days. The public is given a chance to work with clay, to make something big or small, alone or together.

The key element in Gormley’s piece is clay and its transformation. In the course of the project, the material is being transformed from something natural to a product of culture; from uniform mass into a multiplicity of forms, mirroring the mindscape of those who shaped it.

The result of this work can be viewed by the public until 7 April, 2009 or by visiting the IHME Productions website.

IHME Days for Art April 3-5

The first IHME Days by Pro Arte Foundation Finland will be held at the Old Student House in Helsinki from 3 to 5 April, 2009.

The IHME Days lectures and discussions deal with eg. the questions surrounding Antony Gormley’s IHME Project: Who makes art? Who is art made for? In addition to Gormley, the IHME Days speakers include art historian Paulo Herkenhoff from Rio de Janeiro; director of Artangel James Lingwood from London; the museum director Françoise Vergès from Saint-Denis; and the ceramist and doctor of fine arts Elina Sorainen from Pernaja, Finland.

There is also the IHME Marathon, which will introduce 16 Finnish artists.

Susan Philipsz is the artist to execute the IHME Project 2010

The Scottish artist Susan Philipsz (b. 1965) will execute the IHME Project 2010 in Helsinki. She´ll also conceive the IHME Edition 2009 that will be produced in collaboration with YLE Teema TV Channel in the fall.

Pro Arte Foundation Finland has chosen Philipsz because during the last few years she has proved to be a highly interesting and original artist that in her work combines elements important to the foundation’s agenda: community and the interest in public space.

Philipsz creates sculptures using sound. She is interested in the values related to space and how sound can define architecture. The psychological effects of song and the way songs can trigger emotions and memories are some of the building blocks of Philipsz’ approach.

In addition to museum and gallery exhibitions, she has also created several sound pieces in public spaces. In these works location and context are an integral part of the artwork.

Philipsz often uses popular music and film themes as the basis of her art. In her works, she sings – usually a cappella – melancholy tunes that deal with absence, loss and longing.

In Scandinavia Susan Philipsz’ works have been heard in a private exhibition at Malmö Konsthall in 2005 and the Jarla Partilager gallery in Stockholm 2008-2009. In Finland Philipsz’ sound installation Four Part Harmony (2006) was featured in the ARS06 exhibition at Kiasma.

IHME Productions

The IHME Productions by Pro Arte Foundation Finland aim to bring collective art in the midst of everyday life in Helsinki. The work of the foundation is built around the annual IHME Productions, which consist of the IHME Project, the IHME Days and the IHME Edition. One starting point of the IHME Days is the IHME Project: a commissioned, temporary work of art in a public space in Helsinki.

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