March 10, 2009 - CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux - Rosa B n°2: Pop ! Oblique Strategies
March 10, 2009

Rosa B n°2: Pop ! Oblique Strategies

Rebirth Brass Band Parade
St Claude Avenue, New Orleans, 02-09
©Florent Mazzoleni

Rosa B n°2
Pop ! Oblique Strategies

Guest Chief Editor:
Yann Chateigné Tytelman

Presentation of Rosa B n°2
Palais de Tokyo
13, avenue du Président Wilson
F – 75116 Paris, 7pm
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Co-edited by the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art and the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts, Rosa B is a shared space for thinking and discussion on current artistic practice. By choosing this digital form of creation rather than paper, and internet for its circulation, Rosa B is taking up the challenge of creating a space for other forms of writing on the web, and giving a different insight into the current situation of art. Each issue of Rosa B is on a precise theme and is entrusted to a guest editor. This second publication is coordinated by Yann Chateigné Tytelman and proposes thirteen “oblique” statements on pop.

Pop ?

How can we attempt, today, to give a plausible definition of pop? Pop is visibly everywhere, all over, to such an extent that the term “pop” has even become a commonplace adjective qualifying contemporary works of art, daily activities or even a way of life. This being the case, how can we reach beyond approaches that are purely sociological (describing what would be popular today), historical (talking about Pop Art), or iconographical (referring to artists inspired by popular culture, or art by pop musicians)? How can we attempt to create a space that fosters meditation on the philosophical, poetic or even political dimensions of pop, while taking pop seriously?

Yet in a sense, pop is a notion that refuses any theoretical analysis. “Pop” evokes the intangible form of the bubble that bursts as soon as we try to catch it. Pop is profoundly rooted in our practices, poses and attitudes in the present moment. But there is also a pop culture with its heroes, myths and legends which, through the mirror, develops in parallel with History. And yet pop culture is not below or above art, nor does it provide a backdrop of signs for art. No, art runs through pop in the same way that pop runs through art, and it is perhaps at their margins, in these fields outside art and pop, that we can attempt to seize upon this obscure object that haunts contemporary times as if to transform them. All in all, pop exists and does not exist, and Rosa B proposes a series of experiences, rather than just things to “read”.

Like the boxes containing various editorial objects in Aspen in the mid-1960s, Rosa B n°2 contains forms as diverse as texts, videos and music, a sound archive, a slideshow, a book and even a site within the site. This opus has no contents page, but a principle of browsing by keywords. From Arcadia to Wilderness, from Decadence to Obscenity, from Gilles Deleuze to Brian or Tony Wilson, there is an index in the form of an editorial, like imaginary coordinates on the map of pop. Just like the guest authors, the reader is invited to implement their own “oblique strategy”, to use the magnificent title given by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt to deck of cards project in 1975, to make their way through the review, plunge into and understand the hidden and magical meanings that could be called the “dark side” of pop.

Atelier pensée nomade, chose imprimée, Jason Rhoades. Studio visit (video) Jean Baudrillard, The star effect: body as advertising (audio) The Cramps, Lux & Ivy Favorites (video) Guadalupe Echevarria, A Pop Project in a Hick World (Or, How Ultralocal Becomes a Respectable Place) (text) Patricia Falguières, SISTERS (text) Richard Hamilton, Conference at Bordeaux Ecole des Beaux-Arts (video) Florent Mazzoleni and Yann Chateigné Tytelman, In Search of Pop: From Seductive Beat to Global Ecstasy (text) Wilfried Paris, Daniel Johnston R.I.P (book) Emilie Renard, Arcadia, Here and Now (intertext) Lili Reynaud-Dewar, The Festival of the Tenth Summer (slideshow) Jean-Philippe Tessé, Evil Genius (on Brian Wilson and the films of Wes Anderson) (text) Pacôme Thiellement, Beyond the Valley of A Day in the Life. The Beatles, the Beach Boys and stepping outside history (text) Arnaud Viviant, The wave and the vagueness. Gilles Deleuze on surf (video)

Index by Yann Chateigné Tytelman
Playlist by Guillaume Leroyer & Alex Cortay (Asphalt Duchess) Design by Didier Lechenne

Chief Editors
Guadalupe Echevarría, Charlotte Laubard

Editorial Committee
Thomas Boutoux, Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Guadalupe Echevarría, Patricia Falguières, Charlotte Laubard, Didier Lechenne, Annette Nève, Martine Péan, Lili Reynaud-Dewar

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