February 27, 2009 - SCHUNCK - Oscar Niemeyer
February 27, 2009

Oscar Niemeyer

Contemporary Art Museum, Niterói
Photo: Michel Moch

Oeuvre Exhibition
07/03 – 01/06/2009

Vernissage: Friday 6 March, 18.00 hours

Bongerd 18 / P.O. Box 1
6400 AA Heerlen
The Netherlands



SCHUNCK-Glaspaleis director Stijn Huijts proudly presents the Oscar Niemeyer oeuvre exhibition, which opens on Friday 6 March at 18.00 hours and can be seen in SCHUNCK-Glaspaleis from Saturday 7 March upto and including Monday 1 June 2009.

A legendary architect who reached the age of 101 in December 2008: the Brazilian architect, visionary and communist Oscar Niemeyer (Rio de Janeiro, 1907) paved the way for the modern architecture of the 20th century. With his gigantic body of work, comprising more than 600 buildings, he put his stamp on modern architecture.

The exhibition is curated by the guest curator Lauro Cavalcanti, director of the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro. It is a Body of Work Exhibition (period 1936-2008) that provides a deeper insight into the work process of this visionary star architect, who has shaped and modernised Brazil.

The exhibition comprises two parts, which do not only display a retrospective of Oscar Niemeyer’s impressive body of work and career, but also focuses on the significance and major production of his designs and buildings in the last ten years. The visitor is taken on a journey of discovery through an exceptional world of designs and buildings and will be moved by the impressive beauty of the countless projects that he created over a period of 70 years.

The main objective of the exhibition is the exposure of the creative process of this important representative of the Modern movement. This objective is supported in part by the diversity of exhibition objects and through the use of different forms of presentation. The exhibition includes – in addition to 16 scale models – many original drawings and sketches, sculptures, photographs, video presentations and a film. A very significant part of the exhibition is formed by the countless impressive texts, drawings and sketches, enlargements of which have been applied to the wall in vinyl.

The exhibition was first opened in 2007 in the Paço Imperial in Rio de Janeiro and subsequently travelled through Brazil (Curitiba and Fortaleza). SCHUNCK-Glaspaleis is proud to present the European première, accommodating this exceptional exhibition.

A bilingual catalogue (Dutch-English), which will appear at the exhibition, forms an important part of the exhibition.

Main sponsor of the Oscar Niemeyer event is Vesteda.

For more information please contact Jeanine Ruijters at 0031-45-5772205 or j.ruijters@heerlen.nl

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