February 2, 2009 - Cabinet - Issue 32 available now
February 2, 2009

Issue 32 available now

Issue 32, with a special section on “Fire,” available now

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Hot off the press, featuring:

- D. Graham Burnett on burning as a technology of truth
- Thomas A. P. Van Leeuwen on the history of the fire escape
- Christopher Turner on George Lawrence’s aerial photographs of fire-ravaged San Francisco
- Janet Connelly on fire marks
- Jeffrey Kastner discussing fire in America with environmental historian Stephen J. Pyne
- Simon Werrett on physiology and fireworks
- Julia Wolcott on Buckminster Fuller’s combustible biosphere
- An artist project by Superflex

And blazing further new trails with:

- Ben Kafka on the dining habits of the Committee of Public Safety
- Joshua Foer on falling from great heights
- Adam Jasper and Nadia Wagner on the radical subjectivity of olfactory perception
- Aaron Schuster on levitation
- George Pendle on writers sitting, standing, and occasionally lying down
- John Calame on the International Date Line

- A special section on the spirit of plaice, with contributions by Tim Davis, Nesta Mayo, Sanelma Nicht, Therese Robert, Russ Symons, Allen S. Weiss, and Dan Woerner

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