January 16, 2009 - Museum Het Domein - Jowan van Barneveld
January 16, 2009

Jowan van Barneveld

Poolside apparition (foto Peter Cox)

Jowan van Barneveld

January 24th – April 5th 2009

Opening: Friday January 23rd , at 5 pm

Postbus 230
6130 AE Sittard
The Netherlands
T. 0031-46-4513460


Solo exhibition contemporary art: installation and paintings.

Museum Het Domein is proud to present Echoes, the first museum solo of the Sittard-based artist and musician Jowan van Barneveld (Veghel, 1978). The artist is best known for his dark paintings, built up out of multiple layers of black acrylic paint which gradually reveal the presence of figurative elements derives from landscapes and pop music. The artist garners these visual elements from anonymous and obscure internet sources and, despite his seemingly detached way of working, is principally concerned with exploiting contemporary painting’s power of expression. With his moody depictions of nature, crime scenes and rock and roll stages broiling with pre-show nerves. Van Barneveld seems to be in hot pursuit of contemporary depictions of the sublime. Echoes presents paintings created over the last four years, and a new installation centering on the late rock icon Kurt Cobain.

Van Barneveld’s solo Echoes in Museum Het Domein is accompanied by a satellite presentation at the office of DSM, Poststraat 1, Sittard, from January 26th until February 28th (open during office hours).

At the same time you can visit in the ProjectRoom of the museum the exhibition of Roma Pas: Cave Woman, a new installation by Roma Pas.

Further information and visuals can be found in the press room, in the museum’s homepage: www.hetdomein.nl. Or contact Karin Adams or Roel Arkesteijn 0031-46-4513460; karin.adams@hetdomein.nl, roel.arkesteijn@hetdomein.nl

Museum Het Domein

Museum Het Domein
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