November 19, 2008 - CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux - Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968
November 19, 2008

Psychedelic Explorations in France, 1968

Copyright : Laurent Fetis, 2008

I∆O. Psychedelic
Explorations in France, 1968 – ∞

Entrepôt Lainé. 7, rue Ferrère
F-33000 Bordeaux

Mandala-Eyes… Triangular Stages… Printed Zodiac… Öm Movies: Pierre Clémenti… Luminous Archives: Open Light… Slides: Alain Dister, festival d’Amougies, Sigma… Memorabilia: Gong, Crium Delirium, Ame Son, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Claude Pélieu, Nicolas Devil, Le Soleil Noir, BYG, Futura… Index : David Medalla, Olivier Mosset, Frédéric Pardo, Martial Raysse… Le Club Bizot: Actuel, Le Pop, Le Parapluie… Radio Gnome Visible: sound archive… Extensions: Barbara Doser & Hofstetter Kurt…

Somewhere between an exhibition, an event, an installation, a stage and a sculpture, I∆O is an attempt to exhibit the psychedelic experience. Today, a new generation of artists is drawing from the springs of historical psychedelia and ushering in what has been called the third psychedelic revolution – the second one being the emergence of the electronic culture in the late 1980s. As of now, based on the notion of experience – and experiment – I∆O represents the first light ever shed on psychedelia as understood from the french context and its many international ramifications. After a three-day festival, the space – abandoned, as if awaiting something – is filled with just a series of traces. Films, light shows relics, slides, press material and photographs, posters and flyers, stage props, records, books, magazines and comics, archives of happening and works of art become like scores for a series of concerts, screenings, talks and specific artists’ projects which will take place, during three months in CAPC’ nave.

Curators: Yann Chateigné, Axelle & Tiphanie Blanc. Installation: Lili Reynaud Dewar. Concerts: Maxime Guitton (ali_fib gigs). Films: Bertrand Grimault (association Monoquini). Visual identity: Laurent Fétis.

02.12.2008 – 08.03.2009


((( (( (∞) )) )))
I∆O Festival
CAPC musée d’art contemporain

28.11.2008, 06 pm-01 am
Concerts: Turzi (Fr) + Tim Blake (GB), Principles Of Geometry (Fr), Pilooski (Fr), Psychic Ills (USA), Endless Boogie (USA), Expo ‘70 (USA), Feedback 66 (Fr). Films: Serge Bard, Robert Frerck, Jeffrey Scher, John Smith, James Whitney. Projections: Monoquini.

29.11.2008, 05 pm-03 am
Concerts: Spectrum – Sonic Boom (UK), The Telescopes (UK), D*I*R*T*Y Sound System (Fr), The Skaters (USA), Stellar OM Source (NL), Arp (USA), Heatsick (Ger), Sylvester Anfang II (Be), Black Liquid Death (Fr). Performances: New Crium Delirium Coyote Circus (Fr). Film: Ron Rice…

30.11.2008, 04 pm-11 pm
Concerts: Ame Son (Fr), Reines d’Angleterre (Ghédalia Tazartès + él-g + jo) (Fr), Gavin Russom (Ger), Steve Gunn (USA), Ben Russell + Joe Grimm (USA), The Family Elan (UK), Ruralfaune Collective (Fr). Films: Maurice Lemaître + carte blanche à Ben Russell…

3 days Light shows by: Doris Rutzel (Gong, Steve Hillage), François Decourbe (Open Light, Gong), Robert Chouraqui (Androïde Light Show), Erik Patrix (Crium Delirium), Patrice Warrener (Open Light) + listening sessions + food on site.


I∆O satellites

Zanzibar Films (Philippe Garrel, Jacques Baratier, Patrick Deval)… Psychedelia & Minimalism (Eliane Radigue, Paul Sharits)… Concert Didier Malherbe… Psychedelia Britannica: aspects of psychedelic cinema in Britain 1966-1974… Round table with Lars Bang Larsen… Franco-Faunes : An insight into French psychedelic cinema (Pierre Clémenti, Etienne O’Leary, Martial Raysse, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Alain Montesse…)… Psychédélia & Acousmatic (Peter Földes, Vincent Epplay + Samon Takahashi…).

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CAPC musée d’art contemporain
Entrepôt Lainé. 7 rue Ferrère. F-33000 Bordeaux
T. : +33 (0)5 56 00 81 50,


I∆O has been made possible with the support of: Novart. Corner. ali_fib. Monoquini. INA. Arte. Radio Nova. British Film Institute. La Fnac. Voiceprint. Chronic’art. Tsugi. Spirit. Mouvement. April 77 Records.

CAPC is founded by the City Council of Bordeaux.
Permanent partners: Oxbow Foundation. Caisse d’Epagne Aquitaine Poitou Charentes. Nova Sauvagine. I-concept

CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux
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