November 11, 2008 - Book Works - The Happy Hypocrite: Hunting and Gathering, Issue 2 Out Now
November 11, 2008

The Happy Hypocrite: Hunting and Gathering, Issue 2 Out Now

Cover of The Happy Hypocrite:
Hunting and Gathering, Issue 2

The Happy Hypocrite: Hunting and Gathering, Issue 2
edited by Maria Fusco


19 Holywell Row

The Happy Hypocrite is a biannual journal led by artists’ writings. Informed by a lineage of modern experimental and avant-garde magazines, this journal will provide a greatly needed testing ground for new writing and research-based projects, somewhere for artists, writers and theorists to express experimental ideas that might not otherwise be realised or published.

Issue 2: Hunting and Gathering (Out Now)
New writing, from commission and open submission, forays into territories of collage and bricolage, interspersed with appropriated and parodic writing. Artists’ pages and artists’ writings from: ArtstrA/Barbara Reise Archives, Steve Beard, Susanne Clausen, Marie Darrieussecq, Brian Dillon, Andrew Dodds, Thomas Hirschhorn, Gabriel Lester, Jo Melvin, Rashanna Rashied-Walker, Lisa Robertson, Nick Thurston and Lynne Tillman.

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Reviews for, The Happy Hypocrite: Linguistic Hardcore, Issue 1
‘A venue for creativity and polemical “secret” history’ — Michael Bracewell, frieze magazine, June-August 2008
‘A timely response to the fraying of the edges of art criticism, the boom in artists’ writings, the general exhaustion of mainstream literary venues and the artistic bankruptcy of the niche creative writing crowd’ — Brian Dillon, Art Review, September 2008
‘…persuasive, a chancer to keep an eye on, with the potential to grow into a figure of consequence…’ — Rick Poyner, eye magazine, August 2008
‘A journal that nods to the history of avant-garde writing’ — nought to sixty, Issue 5 /September 2008
‘A visually smart intellectual overture’ — Art World Magazine, June/July 2008
‘Suffused with humour, absurdity and a serious playfulness’ — Kit Hammonds, September-October 2008
‘Great work’ — Grafik Magazine, August 2008

Forthcoming issues
Issue 3: Volatile Dispersal — Speed and Reading (Spring/Summer 2009)
Presenting: mail art, spam, grammatical glitches and pragmatic punctuation, in collision with distributive structures and amphetamine-fuelled prose. Contains: effervescent and evaporating data, from commission and open submission.

Issue 4: A Rather Large Weapon (Autumn/Winter 2009)
Systematic illuminations of factories and the progressive darkening of machines, smiles, old files, manifestos, polemics, and other short-lived rants.

Book Works will launch The Happy Hypocrite: Hunting and Gathering, issue 2, on 11 November 2008, as part of Existential Territories, a new series of talks and events, organised by Jeremy Akerman and Gavin Everal. For more information contact:

Book Works
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