October 19, 2008 - Onomatopee - Program during the Dutch Design Week
October 19, 2008

Program during the Dutch Design Week

Program during the Dutch Design Week
18 October – 26 October 2008
Open daily from 13:00 – 22:00 hours

Kanaalstraat 8
5611 CT Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Onomatopee 26
Lift off 2008: the truth of basics, resetting the history of living between four walls

ISBN: 978-90-78454-25-0
The truth of basics advances that our interior is mainly influenced by our cultural tradition, closely related to our technical tradition. These two conceptions continue to live on rather firmly, not only because of commercial interest, but also because of insecurity of the unknown.

Departing from architecture, keeping in mind the four walls as a base, we propose to enhance a new notion of our interior. From an artistic point of view, we want to consider the consequences of the sphere of the installation, the totality of the scene, when creating an interior.

With: Gabriel Lester, Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach, Esther Stocker, Swissmachine, IJm studio, Thomas Bakker, Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen, Sander Mulder, TTTVO, Maurer United Architects and Bob Copray
Curators: Freek Lomme and Dave Keune, Photography: Ingmar Swalue, Catalogue text: Louise Schouwenberg.

Different location and opening schedule:
Buro Philip van den Hurk, Emmasingel 7, 5611 AZ Eindhoven
(across The Design Academy)
opening 22nd October, 20:00 – 22:30
Open: 22 until 30 October 13:00 -22:00 hours

Onomatopee 22
SLLD Delights by Sofie Lachaert & Luc d’Hanis

ISBN: 978-90-78454-24-3
With a solo presentation in the project space of Onomatopee, Sofie Lachaert & Luc d’Hanis will rise a landscape that situates reality in another perspective. Within the installation, Luc and Sofie will create a number of view accessories, including polished tubular appliances, a giant kaleidoscope and a silver magnifying glass. This will all be presented in a big still life.
Curators: Freek Lomme and Remco van Bladel.
Location: Onomatopee gallery space

Onomatopee 20
Kapital K, A classless caracter

ISBN: 978-90-78454-22-9
Designers were invited to think about the usage of their own language system by redesigning a character as carrier of meaning. How does the classless K look like? more information at www.onomatopee.net. In collaboration with Graphic Studio Daglicht.
Curators: Freek Lomme, Eric de Haas and Remco van Bladel. Texts: Peter Bil’ak
Location: Onomatopee gallery space

Kanaalstraat 8
5611 CT Eindhoven
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)40 202 78 85



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