October 14, 2008 - Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) - 5th Anniversary Program
October 14, 2008

5th Anniversary Program

5th Anniversary Program

YCAM/Yuda Onsen/ Central Shopping District
7-7 Nakazono-cho Yamaguchi-city 7530075 JAPAN


Opened in November 2003 as a hub for information and culture, the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM) celebrates its 5th anniversary this year. The varied program of events held throughout 2008 to commemorate this occasion includes artist residencies aiming to develop new works in the realms of art and theater, as well as several special exhibitions, workshops with citizens of Yamaguchi, and symposia. By stepping out of the institution and into such places as the nearby Yuda Onsen (Yuda Hot Spring) and the city’s central shopping district for cultural collaborations with various people of Yamaguchi, we hope to cut out a new path for YCAM to pursue in the future.

Minimum Interface

Date:November 1st (Sat) – February 8th (Sun)
Venue: YCAM
Exhibits: Daan Roosegaarde -new work- (Holland), SHINCHIKA -new work- (Japan), Chris Sugrue “delicate boundaries” (USA), Shunsuke Takawo -new work- (Japan), Sergi Jordà, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Günter Geiger, Marcos Alonso (Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) “reacTable” (Spain) Akihiro Kubota -new work- (Japan), Zachary Lieberman -new work- (USA)

This exhibition focuses on new possibilities of the “interface” as a basic component of information culture. The aim is to convey a new sensation of “fun of being connected through media” by introducing an optical, acoustic and tactile interface conceived with an art/design sort of mindset to appeal directly to physical sensation, rather than relying on ready-made design tools. The experience of their works will be for the visitor an opportunity to learn about the creative and imaginative powers behind media technology, and realize the importance and the possibilities of interfaces.

Yuda Art Project

Date:November 21 st – December 27 th
Venue: Yuda Onsen and surroundings
Artists: exonemo “The Terminal for Pilgrimage” (Japan), United Visuar Artists (UK), SHINCHIKA (JP)

This YCAM-produced public art exhibition on the theme of “light and interaction” takes place in the public space of the Yuda Onsen area in Yamaguchi.

May- WORKSHOP1 meet the artist 2008 [presentation of works: December 5 (Fri) – 7 (Sun)]
July 5 th – October 13 (Mon) EXHIBITION1 Otomo Yoshihide ENSEMBLES
September 25 th (Thu) – 28 th (Sun) WORKSHOP2 InterLab Camp vol.1
November 1st (Sat) 5 th Anniversary Catalogue
November 1st (Sat) – 3rd (mon) 5th Anniversary Memorial Symposium Series
November 1st (Sat) – February 8th (Sun), 2009 EXHIBITION2 Minimum Interface
November 21 st – December 27 th EXHIBITION3 Yuda Art Project (Yuda Onsen area)
December 20 th (Sat) – 21 th (Sun) THETER PIECE 1 Performance “Op.∞”
February 28 th (Sat) – March 1 th (Sun) THETER PIECE 2 “Strange Kinoko Dance Company + plaplax”

Public Relations: Sawami Asahara, Fumi Hirota
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
7-7 Nakazono-cho Yamaguchi-city 7530075 JAPAN
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Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media

Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM)
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