October 8, 2008 - AC Institute - Projects & Spaces In and Beyond the White Limo
October 8, 2008

Projects & Spaces In and Beyond the White Limo

New spaces & projects in Chelsea and beyond…


UNEARTHED—Call for Participation

We opened the door. We opened a box.


Unearthed uses a relatively simple device –a human skeleton on the floor of the gallery- in order to instigate a much wider series of responses and relationships and life. The object is a departure point. Unearthed re-examines the strategy of presenting an object inside of textual concept. The object is an imperfect and flawed, but basic “life” model found in all art departments and medical schools. It is a plastic artifact. It is a model, 4th quality copy of our basic sculptural form, our hidden physical structure which is used as a device that mirrors or reflects the ultimate human condition. The key concerns of the project are the issues of the human condition, hidden structures in our lives and art, private and public worlds, and relationships with the larger institutional framework, trade and globalization, art and anthropology.

We are looking for a forensic team(s) to help with this investigation. They will need to ask and present new questions. Material will be catalogued and displayed. Information that is contributed maybe visual, sound, video or text. Supposition and conjectures are needed and very welcome. Any and all investigative techniques, scientific to paranormal, will be considered and utilized.

Aqua Alta by China Blue
Sound Art installation, Sept 25-Oct 18

Aqua Alta, is exhibited concurrently at AC [Direct] in New York and at OPEN XI, in San Servolo, Venice, Italy in conjunction with the architecture biennale. Venice was curated Edward Rubin.

An acoustic environment is created by her recording of the interaction between the natural and man-made elements of water and architecture are a constant although often ignored tension.

In San Servolo “Aqua Alta” is positioned in a portico of the Benedictine monastery. Exhibiting this work in the open space against the historical backdrop of a stunning example of medieval architecture, and simultaneously in the centrally located, urban gallery in the Chelsea section of New York City, effectively invokes thoughts on global warming and the impact of rising waters on not only on Venice but all of our coastal cities and cultural repositories around the world.


Critical Conversations in a Limo, Art Dubai, March 2009
Call for participation

Critical Conversations in a Limo, The Trailer,
2008 (New York, Melbourne, San Francisco)


NEW Book
Artistic Bedfellows, Histories, Theories & Conversations in Collaborative Art Practices, ed. Holly Crawford, released 9/2008

Artistic Bedfellows is an international interdisciplinary collection of historical essays, critical papers, case studies, interviews, and comments from scholars and practitioners that shed new light on the growing field of collaborative art. This collection examines the field broadly, while asking specific questions with regard to the issues of interdisciplinary and cultural differences, as well as the psychological and political complexity. This reader is designed to stimulate thought and discussion.

Published and distributed by UPA/Roman and Littlefield.


Sounds From the Choir Loft
September 2-20.

Sound art from pop to phonographic from 6 Australian artists: Danius Kesminas; Camilla Hannan; Simon Hampson; Sue and Phil Dodd; Geoff Robinson

AC [Institute Direct Unlimited Chapel] is a lab for experimentation and critical discussion. AC [Direct], AC [Chapel], and AC [Institute] are our new office & exhibition spaces in New York City. AC [Unlimited] projects are executed anywhere else in the world from a white limo to a museum. Projects explore the performative exchanges and experience across visual, verbal and experiential disciplines and practice. Boundaries are challenged as conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity are brought into question.

For more information see www.artcurrents.org

Holly Crawford, Ph.D
Founder and Director

Christine Licata
Gallery Director

AC[Institute Direct Unlimited Chapel]
501 (c)(3)
547 W. 27th St., 5th floor (#519-529, north alcove)
NY, NY 10001

AC[Institute Direct Unlimited Chapel]

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