September 28, 2008 - LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre - NOWHERE/NOW/HERE
September 28, 2008


09.10.2008 – 20.04.2009

Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Gijón, Spain

Nowhere/Now/Here is a journey exploring a number of projects and tests that are creating proposals and alternatives to accepted interpretations, reflecting present-day concerns in the world of objects we decide to surround ourselves with and the role of design. The exhibition is organised in three fields of action or areas of research: cultural resistance, psychological exploration, and material intervention.

Nowhere/Now/Here features more than 60 works ranging from everyday products, fashion, jewellery to installations and live performances by established designers such as Tord Boontje, Jerszy Seymour, Santiago Cirugeda, Dunne & Raby, together with emerging design practitioners including Martino Gamper, Paul Cocksedge, Assa Ashuach, Troika, recent graduates and students such as Raw Edges, Dash Macdonald, Nacho Carbonell among others. A crucial aspect of Nowhere/Now/Here is the contribution of four masters: Ron Arad, Gaetano Pesce, Javier Mariscal and Daniel Weil who contextualize the work of the younger generation trough a series of interviews and some of their works.

The designer’s ideas of a customized, more functional and eventually better world are presented in groups formulated on the notion of non-linear context. One that sees no common discipline, technique or material but creates a unity evoked by the association of ideas.

The conceptual journey arranged by El Último Grito leads through hexagonally shaped and multi-layered spaces designed by Patricia Urquiola studio and the graphic image and vision of Fernando Gutierrez.

Nowhere/Now/Here offers an opportunity to reflect on how design and technology can change lives, systems and the environment. An approach followed by El Último Grito since the beginning of their creative practice, one that moves away from preconceived definitions and searches for new ways of thinking about contemporary design. The curators set out with the idea for the exhibition to be a first step of something to follow. Their aim has been to ‘open a chapter rather than close one’.

CURATORS: Roberto Feo & Rosario Hurtado (El Último Grito), London / Berlin

ARTISTS: 5:5 Designers, AA, Amidov, Assa Ashuach, Bruce Bell, Bryony Birkbeck, Tord Boontje, Marta Botas & Germán R. Blanco, David Bowen, Fernando Brizio, Nacho Carbonell, Daniel Charny & Gabriel Klasmer, Santiago Cirugeda, Carl Clerkin, Paul Cocksedge, Dainippon Type Organization, Óscar Díaz, Dunne & Raby, Daniel Eatock, Olivia Flore Decaris, Tiago Fonseca, Fulguro & Thomas Jomini, Architecture Workshop, Martino Gamper, Martí Guixé, Mathias Hahn, Interaction Research Studio, Onkar Kular, Tithi Kutchamuch, Dash MacDonald, Material Beliefs (Auger-Loizeau, Elio Caccavale, Tobie Kerridge, Susana Soares, Aleksandar Zivanovic), Alejandro Mazuelas, Alon Meron, mmmm…, Eelko Moorer, Oscar Narud, NB: Studio, Ernesto Oroza, Marc Owens, Pedrita, Laura Potter, Corinne Quin, Random International, Raw Edges Design Studio, Nic Rysenbry, Jerszy Seymour, Bert Simons, Studio Glithero, Yuri Suzuki, Gregor Timlin, Noam Toran, Manel Torres, Maud Traon, Troika, Pablo Valbuena, Greetje van Helmond, Dominic Wilcox, Nick Williamson, Marei Wollersberger, Zaunka

EXHIBITION DESIGN: Patricia Urquiola & Martino Berghinz

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Fernando Gutiérrez

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial is a space for artistic exchange. It is set up with the purpose of establishing an effective alliance between art, design, culture, industry and economic progress and the goal of becoming a space for interaction and dialogue between art, new technologies and industrial creation. It throws a special spotlight on production, creation and research into art concepts still being defined.

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial
Los Prados, 121
33394 Gijón (Asturias) Spain
Tel: +34 985 185 577
Fax: +34 985 337 355

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Monday, 12 noon – 8 pm

LABoral Centre for Art and Creative Industries

LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre
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