August 31, 2008 - Megawords - Month-long storefront project and exhibition
August 31, 2008

Month-long storefront project and exhibition

Free performances, rotating exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and other events by international artists
September 1 – 30, 2008

The Megawords storefront project and exhibition
1125 North Cherry Street

Megawords – the free Philadelphia-based magazine that collaborates with dozens of renowned and unknown artists and thinkers to cover the world through words and pictures—will leap off the page and into a month-long storefront exhibition during September 2008. For thirty days, Megawords will “come to life,” filling a physical space with the same omnivorous and democratic philosophy of open curating that drives the publication. The Megawords storefront project and exhibition will include a month-long period of intense activity including permanent and rotating installations, guest speakers, musical performances, workshops and film screenings. During this period of live creative activity, Megawords founders Anthony Smyrski and Daniel Murphy will also release two special-edition printed issues of Megawords that will draw direct inspiration from the storefront space, artists and audience. “Frequently so-called ‘pop-up’ installations like this one take their inspiration from the world of advertising,” says Smyrski. “They put people in a fancy gallery space, overload the project with sponsors, and do everything possible to take artists out of their natural context. We believe people are most interesting exactly where they are, doing what they’re doing. With the storefront, we hope to spend time with people we respect, observe their creative process, and document the learning process. If we’re lucky, a community will emerge.”

Smyrski and Murphy have selected an international group of visual artists, speakers and performers for the project, including Hamburger Eyes, Stephen Powers (ESPO), Craig Costello (KR), Wesley Eisold of Heartworm Press, Max Morton, Maysles Films, Isaac Lin, Amanda Blank, Rose Luardo, DJs Andy Pry and Stephen Bush, William Pym, Zoe Strauss, ADAMS & KEGR, Alex Lukas, Mattathias Schwartz, Benjamin Tiven, Hsi-Chang Lin, and the Philadelphia Independent.

Megawords is a non-commercial record of place and human experience. Since its inception, Megawords has self-published eight non-commercial and advertisement-free issues, broadcast a weekly internet radio show, and organized multiple events and performances. The storefront project and exhibition space will be a public expression of Megawords’ mission to foster a spirit of collaboration and innovation between artists and the public, extending far beyond the traditional role of art magazines and radio.

The Megawords storefront project and exhibition, located at 1125 North Cherry Street (precisely at the corners of 11th and Cherry Streets), will be open to the public free-of-charge, September 1 through 30. Hours are Noon to 9pm Tuesday through Saturday, with irregular hours and visits by appointment on Sunday and Monday. The opening event will coincide with “First Friday” on September 5. A closing party will take place on September 27. A final schedule of events will be announced shortly. For more information, call 215-300-7391 or visit Free Megawords t-shirts, magazines and posters will be available to attendees while they last.

This project has been supported by a grant from the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative with additional support from the Marketing Innovation Program, both programs of the Philadelphia Center for Arts and Heritage, funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts, and administered by The University of the Arts, Philadelphia.


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