August 12, 2008 - Castellón County Council Painting Prize - Fifth International Painting Prize
August 12, 2008

Fifth International Painting Prize

IV Painting Prize Castellón County Council Winner.
OLIVER LUTZ, Lynching, 2007. Installation.

Submission entries:
from July 15th to September 15th 2008

We have reasons to congratulate again. The announcement of another edition of the International Painting Prize of the Castellón County Council, in which this is the fifth edition, has to fulfilll with pride and satisfaction all the citizens of the County.

First, because it implies the consolidation of a unique painting sample in our country and, second, because it has already become a referent which shows the name of our province all over the world.

It is not said by us. It is said by the amount of participation and the statistics, which grow each year and overcome their own registers. It is enough to remember the 450 artists who participated last year, representing a total of 30 different countries from the five continents.

This is the essence of our prize: to break the participation boundaries that have ever been reached by a cultural prize of any county and to open doors to international recognition to artists that were not much known until now.

That is why we can state proudly that the Prize of Castellón marks tendencies in the Contemporary Art and, one year more, we must congratulate for the well done job.

Carlos Fabra
President of Castellón County Council.

Submission entries: from July 15th to September 15th 2008, in the website:

An e-mail address ( shall be available at Castellón County Council for enquiries.



The Castellón County Council organizes the V International Painting Prize as a competitive event with the aim of supporting and promoting young and avant-garde art, and contributing to the establishment of the artists’ reputation and to the appearance of new talents in the contemporary art scene.

The present conditions depend on the General Law 38/2003 of the Subsidies and the General Law of Subsidies of the Castellón County Council, which was passed in the plenary session on 22/03/2005 and published in the BOP nº 55 on 07/05/2005.

The Contest is focused on the ‘expanded painting’, that is, the relationship and interaction between the painting and other means like the photography, video, installation, sculpture or new technologies. The works can have all kinds of supports, being painting the fundamental and basic element.


The Contest will have an internationalprojection, so that all the interested artists can present their works without regarding at their nationality, residence or age.

Each artist can present one only painting work.


The works have to be original and topics and techniques will be free. None of the painting dimensions can exceed 2 meters.

Paintings previously selected by the Jury will be presented in stretcher or rigid support and framed by a simple wooden strip whose thickness cannot exceed 2 centimetres. In any case the works will be admitted if they are protected with a glass.


In order to participate is necessary to enter in the web and to fill up the required fields:

• Participation Form

• Brief Curriculum Vitae

• An image in JPG or GIF formats of the painting which takes part. The image’s size cannot exceed 1 Megabyte. The sending of videos has to be in AVI of WMB formats with a size not greater than 2 Megabytes.

• Payment of 25,00 euros, which can be carried out with:

Virtual TPV with credit card

Through a deposit in the bank:
– Data of the Bank account:

HOLDER: Diputación Provincial de Castellón.
BANK: Santander Central Hispano
ACCOUNT: 0049-6658-61-2616165420
IBAN: ES 14-0049-6658-6126-1616-5420

- Data which have to appear in the transference:
Name of the participant
Concept: V Certamen Internacional de Pintura


The Jury will be formed by:
- President: The Vice President of the Castellon County Council culture delegate.
- Members: 5 people with recognised international prestige among critics of art, museum directors, artists, etc.
- Secretary: the Chief of Culture-Sports section of the Castellon County Council.

First of all, the Jury will select a maximum of 20 paintings within all the ones presented at the Contest which fulfill all the required conditions.

These works will be the ones sent to the MUSEU de Castellón in order to set up the exhibition and this will be the moment in which the Jury will choose the winner of this Contest.

The authors are obliged to cede all the rights to the Castellón County Council to reproduce their works in the Catalogue and to the public communication in the exhibition without any complaint.

The winner painting will be property of the Castellón County Council and it will take part of its contemporary art collection.


The Castellón County Council will only keep in touch with the finalists chosen by the Jury.

The selected works will be sent to the ‘MUSEU DE BELLES ARTS DE CASTELLÓ’, in Avda. Hermanos Bou nº 28, 12003 Castellón de la Plana. Phone number: 964727500

Each work has to be accompanied with a brief Curriculum of the author, a photograph of the work, and a photocopy of his/her Identity Card.

The sending and withdrawal of the works will be always the matter of the contestants, as well as the transport insurance, without any complaint to the Castellón County Council due to possible losses or flaws which may be produced either in the sending and in the return.

The Castellón County Council will take the greatest care of all the received works. However, it would not answer to the loss, flaw, robbery, or any other act not involved in its wish, of the delivered works, even if this act is produced by a fortuitous case or owing to circumstances beyond our control, being the author’s account and risk the damage that the works may suffer. The contestants can contract an insurance on their own which covers the pointed risks, without claiming any amount to the Castellón County Council for this concept.


The Jury Minutes should be passed by the government committee of the Castellón County Council, with previous ruling by the Informative commission of Culture-Sports, and it will be published in this Institution’s web page.


The V International Painting Contest has an economic package of 60.000 euros, which will be assigned entirely to the author of the winner work. The IRPF retention will be applied over this amount, according to the legal normative. If the Jury estimates that none of the works deserve the prize, it would rest not awarded.


The presentation of this Contest implies the acceptation of the present conditions.

In the case of conflict or complaint, the Courts with jurisdiction over the city of Castellón de la Plana will be competent.


Admission of the participation form, curriculum, jpg and payment: 15th July-15th September 2008
Choice of the finalists by the Jury : Ending of October 2008
Exhibition of the paintings in Museum BB.AA. of Castellón: November-December 2008
Winner choice
Return of the works: Once the exhibition will be finished

Castellón County Council

Castellón County Council Painting Prize
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