July 24, 2008 - Gallery Loop - Here Once Again
July 24, 2008

Here Once Again

Here Once Again
Where Art and Cinema Interact

Curated by Hyunjoo Byeon, Ilaria Gianni, Jungmin Kwon
25 July to 23 August 2008

The Gallery Loop
335-11 Seokyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul 120-210
+82 (0)2 3141 1075


Museum of Art
Seoul National University

San 56-1, Sillim-dong
Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742
+82 (0)2 880 9504


Artemio / Elisabetta Benassi / Bonnie Camplin / Rä di Martino / Victoria Fu / Matthew Noel-Tod / Julie Orser / Biho Ryu+Project soojak / Jackie Reem Salloum / Hyun-Suk Seo / Ed Young

Here Once Again is a group show that focuses its attention on how artists of the last generation have been influenced by film history and how they have elaborated and interpreted images, figures, themes and films that have assumed an importance in visual culture. The show reflects and interprets how film history and cinematic media have provided – and continue to provide – a rich reservoir of visual material for artists to isolate, rethink, and place in new critical contexts.

In Here Once Again, the idea of appropriation and re-enactment will be analysed through the underlying critical processes employed by the participating artists, whilst using images, clichés, icons, characters and myths coming from cinematic imagery, they question and re-insert them through innovative approaches, within their practices, charging them with new political and conceptual attributes, and consequently subverting the basis of the entertainment industry.

Here Once Again is interested in analysing and exposing the process of interpretation of film employed by the artists, and in underlining the shift that occurs between the original version and the interpretation embedded in the artists’ works, as well as reflecting upon the activation of an involuntary memory in the audience.

The exhibition will show works that critically re-enact films taken from film’s history – questioning issues such as time, space, context, the idea of spectacle and the visual – and works that take an icon of film history as the main issue to critically relate with and rethink, ascribing to it different active political and social roles.

Artemio, Rä di Martino and Ed Young critically appropriate and subvert the role of film icons of blockbuster films. Bonnie Camplin, Elisabetta Benassi and Victoria Fu portray important characters of film history through a temporal and interpretational shift. Jackie Reem Salloum, Matthew Noel-Tod and Hyun-Suk Seo extract parts from various movies, reflecting upon the idea of constructing a new narrative. Julie Orser and Biho Ryu + Project soojak investigate cinematic codes and imagery through the use of specific filmic references.

A catalogue containing essays by Chung Sung-Ill, Maria Rosa Sossai, Maxa Zoller and texts by Louisa Adam, Haizea Barcenilla Garcia, Rahila Haque, Susan Gladwin, Isobel Harbison, Hanh Ho, Christine Kunze Takengny, Caterina Riva, Gaia Tedone, the Loop Media Center as well as by the curators will be published.

Sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture

The Gallery Loop

Gallery Loop
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