July 24, 2008 - Non-Objectif Sud - NOS Open
July 24, 2008

NOS Open

NOS Open
June 15 – September 7, 2008
Saturdays and Sundays from 3 to 7 p.m

Non-Objectif Sud
La Barralière
Chemin de Visan
26790 Tulette, France
Tel: 33.(0)

560 Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA
Tel : 1-718.599.14.17
Tel : 1-646.325.45.81


Non-Objectif Sud (NOS) is pleased to present its third annual exhibition entitled NOS Open which is taking place at La Barralière from June 15 through September 7, 2008. NOS invites artists, curators and colleagues to spend several days together, collaborate on and install an exhibition.

This summer, the participating international artists include Tanya Barr, Tania Kitchell, Ati Maier, Clive Murphy, Gary Rough, Blair Thurman and Lars Wolter who are exhibiting at NOS for the first time. Working in a variety of media from wall painting, drawing, photography and video to site-specific installations, sculpture and landwork, several artists interact with the surrounding provencal landscape.

Site-specific projects include Gary Rough’s first land work titled Eighteenth hole (for the Stonebreakers), a homage to St Andrew’s famed golf course, and Lars Wolter’s concrete/non-objective wall mural Untitled, a fractured grid overlayed with negative space. Other works by Rough comprise two series of drawings and an installation entitled Not too many, not too few, thirteen crosses made on site with materials gleened from the property as part of the NOS residency. Tanya Barr introduces her first video entitled Principle of Polarity, a pulsating nocturne shot from the rooftops of Williamsburg in Brooklyn as well as an installation entitled As Above, So Below created on site. Tania Kitchell’s The Garden Grows presents a series of wooden reliefs composed of drawings and texts addressing ideas of space and vegetation in the landscape and her own memories of previous visits to La Barralière. Ati Maier’s compact paintings and drawings explode the idea of landscape from a singular view to a weaving vision of terrrestrial, cosmic and abstracted spaces in carnival colours. Her paintings carefully control a fleating chaos before the viewer, up–ending any sence of classical perspective. Clive Murhpy’s piece, a searing text into the wall, entitled You are beautiful because we care, was created as a performance during the opening. Blair Thurman works primarily in neon and his piece Good Hex offers a contemporary hex for the French barn.

An illustrated catalogue with a text by the free-lance writer Mark Baillie will presently be available.

For further information, please contact NOS directors Andrew Huston or Karole Vail at andrewhuston@gmail.com and karolevail@gmail.com

NOS thanks the artists for their participation, as well as its sponsors, colleagues, friends and family for their support and on-going assistance.

Non-Objectif Sud
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