July 23, 2008 - Laboratorio de Arte y Espacio Social (LAES) - August 2008,Quito, Ecuador
July 23, 2008

August 2008,Quito, Ecuador

LEFT: Ala Plástica, Wandase Project / Bypass Attitude, 2004.
Photo courtesy of Papia Oda Bandyopadhyay.
RIGHT: Publicity Campaign Tucumán Arde, 1968.
Photo courtesy of Graciela Carnevale Archives

Laboratorio de Arte y Espacio Social
(Art and Social Space Laboratory)

August 2008
Quito, Ecuador


The Laboratorio de Arte y Espacio Social (LAES) is a collaborative research workshop directed by María Fernanda Cartagena and Bill Kelley, Jr. for the Education Department of the Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador (Central Bank Museum of Ecuador).

LAES will offer a free and open space for participants of any discipline to investigate and engage in issues involving the relationship between art and public space. Methodological research that involves working with and understanding public cultural practices are of primary concern within a field that has seen enormous growth of activity both locally and internationally, institutionally and informally, and individually and collectively.

Practices born in or outside the art world system hold numerous promising possibilities depending on the public one chooses to work with. LAES, under the institutional umbrella of the largest museum in Ecuador, will seek to investigate the ties between institutional possibilities and the numerous independent artist/activist led projects in the region. Relationships between art and political movements, collaborative strategies and community work, as well as contemporary and historic forms of public space cultural practices will be investigated.

During the entire month of August, LAES will be lead by a group specializing in various disciplinary practices. The workshop interlocutors include: X. Andrade (Guayaquil, urban anthropology and art practice), María Fernanda Cartagena (Quito-Buenos Aires, visual cultures), Deborah Morillo (Quito, pedagogy and art practice), Bill Kelley, Jr. (Los Angeles, art theory), and invited artists Alejandro Meitin representing the collective Ala Plástica (La Plata, Argentina) and Graciela Carnevale (Rosario, Argentina) presenting with Tucumán Arde Archive.

LAES workshop will also feature the exhibition “Por qué no te callas?” Activismo, desobediencia y medios de comunicación (Why don’t you shut up? Activism, disobedience and mediums of communication), a title taken from the headlines after King Juan Carlos of Spain yelled the infamous phrase at Hugo Chavez of Venezuela in 2007, will be hosted by Espacio Arte Actual in Quito and will feature the Tucumán Arde Archive (Argentina 1968) as well as contemporary video artists: BijaRi (Brazil), Boredom Patrol (USA), Bulbo (Mexico), Etcétera, now Internacional Errorista (Argentina), Ana Fernández and Miguel Alvear (Ecuador), Frente 3 de Fevereiro (Brazil), María Teresa Ponce and Fabiano Kueva (Ecuador), and The Yes Men (USA). “Por qué no te callas?” is organized by María Fernanda Cartagena and Bill Kelley, Jr. Much like the LAES workshop, this exhibition attempts to investigate art’s relationship to the changing nature of public space, as well as bridge the gap between historic and contemporary cultural practices forty years after the events of ’68.

More information can be found at the LAES blogsite: laes08.blogspot.com and at the Museo del Banco Central website: www.museobibliotecabce.com

Contact and Inquiries: laes08@gmail.com or through the education program Cultura Para Todos at the Central Bank of Ecuador: Ana María Armijos/ Daniel León, (+593) 2220904 ext. 48

Laboratorio de Arte y Espacio Social

Laboratorio de Arte y Espacio Social (LAES)
Share - August 2008,Quito, Ecuador
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