April 28, 2021 - University of Luxembourg - Master in Architecture
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April 28, 2021
April 28, 2021

University of Luxembourg

Belval Campus at the University of Luxembourg.

Master in Architecture
Open call for applications
February 1–June 15, 2021

University of Luxembourg
2 Avenue de l'Universite
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette


The Master in Architecture at the University of Luxembourg invites applications from international students, professionals and researchers.

The Master in Architecture, European Urbanisation and Globalisation programme aims to interrogate the agency of architectural design in the production of the whole material ensemble that supports and organises life on the planet. It positions architecture in a dialectical relationship with multiscalar processes of urbanisation and globalisation. The programme does not see architecture as a static discipline, but as a profession within which a multitude of interrelated actors constantly have to adapt to the shifting, multiscalar contexts within which they operate, may they be demographic, political, social, environmental, cultural or technological. Design goes hand in hand with research, and the principle of the master programme highlights the dialectical relationship between “design by research” and “research by design.” Situated at the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences (FHSE), at the University of Luxembourg, and with a strong emphasis on research, the programme promises productive connections with surrounding fields of humanities and social sciences, especially geography, economics, development, history and sociology, but also with neighboring programmes of engineering.

The programme structure is organised around a full-time, two-year interdisciplinary curriculum with the final semester being dedicated to a semester-long thesis project. The programme combines a studio-based set up of architectural education with an interdisciplinary environment of design and scholarly research. The language of instruction is English. Visit the website for more information about the programme.

Teaching team
Florian Hertweck
, professor of Architecture. His work as a practitioner, researcher and teacher is concerned with the socio-ecological condition of architecture and urbanism.
Marija Marić, postdoctoral research associate. Her work focuses on the production of built environment in the intersection with property, real estate and media.
Markus Miessen, professor of Urban Regeneration, Chair of the City of Esch. His work revolves around questions of critical spatial practice, institution building, and spatial politics.
David Peleman, postdoctoral fellow, involved in the project for IBA Alzette-Belval. He works on the theory and history of urbanism and urbanization in Europe.
Carole Schmit, guest professor of Architecture. Her design and research projects reflect an architectural syntax based on the influences related to street culture, conceptual art and anthropological studies.
Peter Swinnen, guest professor of Architecture. As an architect, writer and lecturer he tests and deepens the convergence of spatial production and political policy.

For more information about the teaching team, visit the programme’s website.

The requirement for the Master is a three-year Bachelor in architecture covering 180 ECTS or equivalent. Postgraduates in architecture are welcome to apply too. The programme is open to international candidates.

The programme has a registration fee of 500 EUR per semester.

Application deadlines
Applications for European candidates:
Online application: February 1–June 15, 2021
Online submission of documents: by June 22, 2021

Applications for non-European candidates:
Online-application: Feburary 1–April 30, 2021 
Online submission of documents: by May 7, 2021

For more information about the application process and required materials, please see the open call

If you have further questions regarding the Master in Architecture programme or application, please write to: sara.volterrani [​at​] uni.lu

University of Luxembourg
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