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Stefano Cagol
Light Dissolution (of the borders), manifesto of the project
Courtesy Hoet Bekaert Gallery, Ghent

July 14, 2008

Stefano Cagol
Light Dissolution (of the borders)

16 – 19 July, 2008
Opening: 16 July, 9.30 pm

Location: Over the city of Trento, Trentino, Italy

The light draws lines impossible to be held in the hands, as the same the borders between nations and cultures are. From this idea the site-specific installation Light Dissolution (of the borders) moves.

The intervention looks at the geographical, historical and cultural specificity of the territory, through a wider and universal viewpoint. A powerful beam underlines and shatters at the same time the border between the two provinces of Trentino and Süd-Tirol and the two cultures, the German and the Italian ones that are together in this region. They are not only physical borders, but the mental ones, too. Highly imprinted are by people belongings, beliefs and preconceptions that are unveiled as being inconsistent, as light is, both intense and fragile.

Light Dissolution is a 7000 W beam positioned on the top of the Sardagna hill, 500 m over sea level, west side of the valley. The light-ray is over the city of Trento and moves from south to north, three times per minute.

If you like to see more about the artist: WELCOME TO MANIFESTA7, a tour through a selection of public projects by Stefano Cagol on view in Trentino Süd-Tirol during Manifesta7.
Listed from south to north:

Eurasia, group show
Stefano Cagol is included with the installation Flu Game
MART. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, Rovereto, Trentino
On view till November 16, 2008

Stefano Cagol – White Flag
Installation, Monte Finonchio, Calliano, Trentino.
It is a 4×6 m white flag on a 12 m flagstaff positioned on the top a mountain.
The project has been realized in 2006 and 2008 for and by Portobeseno Festival.
Visible on the east side of the valley, near the great Castel Beseno, between Trento and Rovereto.

Stefano Cagol – Babylon Garden
Permanent installation, Prader Bank Collection, Via Belenzani 25, Trento, Trentino.

The installation is part of the Prader Bank Collection since 2007.
Visiting by appointment: tel +39.0461.1977788 / +39.0471.067788 or mail

Stefano Cagol – Freier Vogel
Permanent installation, Palais Pock, Musterplatz 2, Bozen, Süd-Tirol.
It is a 9×2 m banner hanging on the stairs of an ancient palace with frescos.
The project has been realized in 2007 for Prader Bank Collection.
Always on view

Stefano Cagol – Chess Time (Time Influence)
Permanent installation, Parco Mignone, Claudia Augusta Strasse, Bozen, Süd-Tirol.
It is an 80 sq m chess platform on black and white marble with Italian and German words engraved on the surface, as two are the cultures ‘playing’ in this border region.
The project has been realized in 2007 thanks to the City of Bozen and the support of Dalle Nogare Collection.
Always on view

Stefano Cagol – Süd-Tirol ist nicht Italien
Billboard, Brenner Pass Border, west side of the 182 National Road, Austria.
Always on view, and on the cover by Stefano Cagol of ‘Exibart’ magazine, Manifesta7 issue, July, 2008

Location: Over the city of Trento, Trentino, Italy
Visible from 9.30 pm to 0.30 am
16 – 19 July, 2008

Further info about the artist:
Press and info: +39.348.7081417,,

Light Dissolution (of the borders) is: official Parallel Event to MANIFESTA7

Parallel Event to Manifesta7

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July 14, 2008

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