June 27, 2008 - Presentation House Gallery - Lynn Valley #4, by Berlin artist Annette Kelm
June 27, 2008

Lynn Valley #4, by Berlin artist Annette Kelm

Annette Kelm

Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver and Bywater Bros. Editions, Toronto are pleased to announce the release of the artist book Lynn Valley #4, by Berlin artist Annette Kelm.

Using a detailed studio-shot format reminiscent of advertising photography the book displays six versions of a hat purchased by the artist while traveling in New York. Manufactured in China for the US market the hat—part baseball cap, part straw sunhat—is a strange cultural hybrid, a grafting of idioms that is more an “interpretation” of a western cultural icon than a knock-off of it. Kelm has fastidiously documented six different versions, yellow, purple, red, beige, blue and black, from every angle.

Critic Kirsty Bell describes Kelm’s approach: “Her precise, carefully composed, well-lit images, often shot with a large-format camera, luxuriate in surface and clarity of detail while fitting neatly into standard photographic genres: still life, portraiture, landscape. [But] as self evident as her images appear, they are undercut with a strangeness that questions not only the purpose of the objects, but also the nature of their representation.”

Published January 2008, 24 pages, 24 x 30 cm, softcover, edition of 1000

26 copies of this publication includes a special edition by the artist

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