May 12, 2021 - Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art - A Quiet Spring Wanders Through the Apartment
May 12, 2021

Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art

View of A Quiet Spring Wanders Through the Apartment, Magasin III, Stockholm, 2021. Left: Marijke van Warmerdam, Wind, 2010. Digitized 35mm film loop, color, 5:03 minutes. Right: Siobhán Hapaska, Ecstatic, 1999. Plexiglass, aluminum, tumbleweed, electrical components, magnets, 101.5 x 101.5 x 114 cm. Collection Magasin III. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

A Quiet Spring Wanders Through the Apartment
May 7–December 18, 2021

Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art
Frihamnsgatan 28
SE-115 56 Stockholm
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Artists: Absalon, Idun Baltzersen, Miriam Bäckström, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Rune Hagberg, Siobhán Hapaska, Annika von Hausswolff, Kimsooja, Maria Lindberg, LG Lundberg, Truls Melin, Jockum Nordström, Primus Mortimer Pettersson, Pipilotti Rist, Peter Schuyff, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Marijke van Warmerdam, Jordan Wolfson, Rémy Zaugg, Johan Zetterquist

Curators:  Olga Krzeszowiec Malmsten and Tessa Praun

Magasin III reopens with the group exhibition A Quiet Spring Wanders Through the Apartment, which takes its point of departure in the rooms we create for our being. These rooms can be physical places, but also mental states that enable interpersonal encounters as well as introspection and a shield from the noise of the outside world. The exhibition brings together works from Magasin III’s collection that invite thoughts of the individual’s relationship to their broader context. The works evoke associations to issues of safety, personal freedom, restrictions and introversion—often with multifaceted perspectives.

In this moment, when our society has been shaken to its core, we have been forced to relate to a whole new set of limitations and to create new conditions for how we meet. There has been a displacement between the private and public, and social conventions are being renegotiated and adapted to a new reality. What are the conditions for togetherness? When is the seclusion self-selected and when is it involuntary and isolating? Regardless of personal circumstances, we are all part of a greater context and need to relate to it in one way or another. These thoughts are not unique to the time we live in—they recur in artistic practice and accommodate an abundance of perspectives.

The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the work En tyst vår vandrar genom lägenheten from 2015 by Jockum Nordström. Presented works in the exhibition are created between c. 1950 and 2018.

Also on view
Throughout the year, we continue to present Natten/The Night (2019), by Tal R—a painting specifically created for Magasin III Jaffa, our permanent exhibition satellite in Tel Aviv, Israel, where it was shown from fall 2019 to spring 2020. We are also presenting a number of woodcuts, which are close studies of the painting’s subject matter.  

In conjunction with the presentations of A Quiet Spring Wanders Through the Apartment and Natten/The Night (2019)booklets are  distributed free of charge to visitors and available as downloadable PDFs at

On Magasin III's new model
For three years we paused the public program in order to rethink the institution for the future. In a radically different world than when Magasin III was founded in the 1980s, it has been important to ask ourselves how we best can continue our mission to support artists and their work. We were finally able to welcome visitors back to a partially reshaped Magasin III in October last year. But after just a few weeks we, like many other art institutions, were forced to close. In these challenging times we are, with great caution, opening for visitors again.

Under the new model, Magasin III is giving access to spaces which normally are closed to the public. In addition to viewing current exhibitions, our visitors will be able to learn about the processes related to coming exhibitions, new artworks, and caring for the collection. These visits will take the form of guided tours, led by our staff and booked in advance. Personal encounters and in-depth experiences are guiding concepts in this new direction. We are building on the museum’s history with a flexible structure completely independent from traditional exhibition seasons. 

At the moment we offer a short introduction, after which the exhibitions are experienced independently. A cautious step toward long-awaited normality. —Tessa Praun, Museum Director and Chief Curator

Book your visit
To visit Magasin III, you will need to reserve your tickets in advance on

Magasin III Jaffa in Tel Aviv, Israel
In January 2018, Magasin III opened a permanent exhibition satellite in Tel Aviv. Magasin III Jaffa is located in a residential area with a rich history as a cultural melting pot, close to the famous flea market in Jaffa. The exhibition program has comprised exhibitions by Haim Steinbach, Sheila Hicks, Cosima von Bonin, Tal R, Mareijke van Warmerdam and Maya Attoun. Read more about Magasin III Jaffa.

For press inquiries, please contact:
Lisa Boström, Head of Communications
Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art
bostrom [​at​]
T + 46 8 545 680 40

Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art
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