June 8, 2008 - Turps Banana - Issue 4 out now
June 8, 2008

Issue 4 out now

“You’d want to slit your own throat if you started to make paintings like Tuymans …………will someone buy him some colours and a ruler”
Damien Hirst in an interview with Turps Banana.
March 2005.

Issue 4 out now


Turps Banana is a revolutionary new art magazine. This full colour magazine concentrates exclusively on painting and is written predominantly by practicing painters. Uniquely the editorial remit carries a no advertising policy so there is no distraction from the ranging debate about contemporary painting.

ISSUE 4 is now available from all major art publication retailers, and by subscription with a 10 percent discount off the cover price from www.turpsbanana.com

In this issue:
Andrew Child revisits George Baselitz hero paintings of the 60’s through US author Thomas Pynchon’s seminal novel Gravity’s Rainbow

British Pop legend Tom Phillips creates a biography of his latest painting in an intimate diarised feature.

Established Scottish figurative painter Jock McFadyen discusses the work of the Boyle Family in the light of Mark Boyle’s contentious statement that he saw the constructions as ‘paintings‘

Mathew Weir fathoms the violence in bad girl painter Dawn Mellor’s recent London show.

New Yorker Ellen Altfest interviews pioneering ninety year old Sylvia Sleigh about the reversal of the male gaze in her portraits of men whilst Annabel Thomas explores Walter Sickert’s Camden Town nudes.

Leigh Clarke uncovers unexpected Hogarth murals in St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

Geraint Evans introduces the solitude of Covadonga Valdes landscapes and Jeffrey Dennis explores the topography of Brian Sayers table top still lives.

David Humphrey exposes his one-way collaboration with Dwight Eisenhower in ‘Ike and Me’
Contributing editor David Leeson examines the work of Carol Rhodes at her show at the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art.

Chantal Joffe describes her own relationship to the paintings of Alice Neel.

Reviews include: Live Undead at Transmission in Glasgow, Hypersurface at Rod Barton Invites, London, Tipping Point at Purdy Hicks Gallery and Joseph Wright of Derby at the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool.

In previous issues:
In George Condo’s Elite Pathology by Nigel Cooke, the New York painter insisted that the only way Nigel Cooke could complete an unfinished painting, was by the inclusion of an owl “with an arrow piercing
it’s eyeball”.

Colin Smith interviews American master Wayne Thiebaud in ‘The Difference Between a Wolf and a Dog’. In turn Wayne Thiebaud writes about his life long admiration for Georgio Morandi.

Also in a ranging interview with Damien Hirst about the artist’s recent figurative paintings, he describes how ’weirdly’ George Baselitz recently bought one of his ‘spin paintings’ and his continuing dismay at the Luc Tuymans influence on painting.

Turps Banana, 45 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD | Editors Marcus Harvey and Peter Jones

Turps Banana
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