May 14, 2008 - Cabinet - Issue 29 available now
May 14, 2008

Issue 29 available now

Issue 29, with a special section on “Sloth,”
available now

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Items of interest for balkers, Bartlebys, benchwarmers, and boondogglers:

- Dan Rosenberg on busy idleness
- Marina van Zuylen on the intellectual history of lassitude
- Christopher Turner on vasectomania and other cures for sloth
- A history of the recline of civilization
- Sina Najafi interviews Pierre Saint-Amand on the loafers of the Enlightenment
- At long last, a CliffsNotes for Cabinet!

And ample additional material for dawdlers, deadbeats, derelicts, dodgers, and do-nothings:

- Mark Morris on gingerbread houses
- Joshua Foer on time without clocks
- Carolyn de la Peña on Gustav Zander’s Stairmaster prototypes
- San Keller’s artist project, set in a Rome sunglass shop
- Brian Dillon on the water cure
- Emily Roysdon opines on opal
- Margaret Wertheim interviews Kenneth Libbrecht on snowflake formation
- Alexander R. Galloway and McKenzie Wark play a Guy Debord game
- Frances Richard and Emilie Clark discuss the lives of women natural historians

And a special pull-out poster by Dan Perjovschi

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