April 30, 2008 - TEMPO Skien - Skien, Norway
April 30, 2008

Skien, Norway

Found images, Germany 1975.

TEMPO Skien 2008
May 31st – October 4th

Skien, Norway


Like a shy teenage boy at the school disco, TEMPO Skien 2008 wants to invite the audience to dance. In this dance, just as at the school disco, you will have your toes stepped on. Everyone will come from afar; it is the season’s big event. The night will unfold and it seems everything will build up to one bold invitation, but only if you are lucky there will be kissing.

At first glance the works in this exhibition are inviting, and it is part of their strategy to make us come closer. Up close the works reveals their true nature. They are not as easy going as you might have thought. The intention was for it to be a wonderfully fun disco night, but instead it’s possible that TEMPO Skien 2008 is about everything lost, drained from memory, forcibly moved away and hidden in the structures of the language. You will discover financial despair, conflict, eternity, trees, local human capital flight, closeness, frozen time, some lost keys and a lost wallet.

Participating artists are: Bjørn Bjarre (N), Åsil Bøthun (N), Stefan Christiansen (N), Matt O’dell (UK), Pål Jomås (N), Morten Kildevæld Larsen (N), Kristina Müntzing (S), Bob & Roberta Smith (UK), Kasper Sonne (DK/USA), Sound of Mu (N), Ellen Karolina Jakobsson Strømsø (S/N), Ingebjørg Torgersen (N) and Sveinung Rudjord Unneland (N)

Curated by: Anne Szefer Karlsen (N)

TEMPO Skien 2008 is the second edition of the annual outdoor exhibition situated in Bryggeparken (The Harbour Park) and the surrounding town centre area in Skien, Norway. The web page is published April 30th and everyone is invited to Sound of Mu, Markveien 58, Oslo to celebrate this with us while listening to John Peter and his Collaborators. The TEMPO Skien 2008 catalogue will be published June 2008 containing the work of Bob & Roberta Smith.

TEMPO Skien 2008 opens Saturday May 31st at 1 PM in Bryggeparken with a guided tour of the exhibition together with the artists and guests.

Saturday May 31st 7 PM Sound of Mu will present their work Man kan ikke se bort fra at det skjer/One shouldn’t discount the possibility it might happen at Oaa hela natten, Nedre Hjellegate 4, Skien with contributions from bands such as Lasso and 3 Øre as well as other surprises. Sound of Mu will present the second part of their project October 4th in conjunction with the TEMPO Skien 2008 seminar on art in
the public.

Friday May 30th at 7 PM Pål Jomås’ video work Bruket, kontrollrom nord/The plant, control room north will be presented in Biohallen, Klosterøya, Skien. Thomas Brandt will give the lecture The factory and there will be a barbecue. Bruket, kontrollrom nord/The plant, control room north will after this be possible to see in the guided tours of TEMPO Skien 2008.

Thursday May 29th at 6 PM there will be several artist presentations in Skiens kunstforening, Ibsenhuset, Skien.

GUIDED TOURS starting in Bryggeparken at 1 PM June 1st, June 28th, August 30th, September 7th and October 4th and ending in Biohallen, Klosterøya approximately 2.30 PM.

Train from Oslo Central Station to Skien 22 times per day. Bus 194 Grenlandsekspressen from Oslo Bus Terminal to Skien 10 times per day.

Produced by Telemark Kunstnersenter/Odd Fredrik Heiberg.
Design by Petri Henriksson/

TEMPO Skien 2008

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