March 9, 2008 - Rosa B - New web magazine
March 9, 2008

New web magazine

The web magazine, Rosa B, is a new space for reflection and discourse on the cultural practices of today.

The web magazine, Rosa B, is a new space for reflection and discourse on the cultural practices of today. By choosing the medium of digital creation and the Internet rather than paper as the means of circulation, Rosa B believes that an innovative writing criticism, with temporal spaces and devices is better suited and the only possible text to reflect art today. Rosa B encourages approaches that are liberated, more inventive,
less formatted.

The first issue of Rosa B is devoted to publishing. Thomas Boutoux, writer, curator and co-director of the gallery castillo/corrales in Paris, was responsible for its conception. Featured is a filmed visit at Mark Manders’studio, a Dutch artist who is also the co-manager, along with designer Roger Willems, of the publishing house Roma Publications; an interview with the novelist, publisher and activist American Matthew Stadler; a filmed interview with Stuart Bailey, editor of the magazine Dot Dot Dot and one of the two persons behind Dexter Sinister (New York); the presentation and first translation into French of an historical text by the German philosopher Friedrich Kittler, regarding the importance of technology in the history of modern thought; and the first elements of a new archive, based on a questionnaire sent to a number of artists, delving into their relationship with the printed material.

Rosa B is the project of the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art and the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux, France. The questions discussed in this first issue are at the heart of the thinking behind an art school and a museum: whether it be the issues of reproduction, layout spaces and situations, the limits of the white cube or the context of the workshop; whether it be the practices in publishing and graphics, the transformation of modes of transmission of knowledge, or the notion of artistic heritage.

Rosa B is a tri-annual magazine, whose name was inspired by the Bordelaise artist Rosa Bonheur, known for her academic and animal paintings, for her adventurous life and being a queer muse.

Rosa B
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