March 8, 2008 - Potential Estate - The Crying of Potential Estate
March 8, 2008

The Crying of Potential Estate

Audio-booth – Installation shot
The Crying of Potential Estate /
Cabinet Wally Hope
Courtesy Potential Estate

Now available worldwide for publicity inserts!
Sold by competitive bidding for a limited duration.

single screen video
DVD – PAL or NTSC-format
color / sound / 12’

Preview including blank publicity samples
March 8th from 2 till 6 p.m.
Pourbusstraat 5 B-2000 Antwerp – Belgium

Contact postmaster [​at​]
For commercial details check

Potential Estate is David Evrard (BE), Ronny Heiremans (BE), Pierre Huyghebaert (BE), Adam Leech (US), Vincent Meessen (BE/US), Katleen Vermeir (BE) and invited guests.

The Crying of Potential Estate was an auction that took place on Thursday January 24th 2008 between 7 and 9 p.m. A story written by Potential Estate was put up for sale. The story was cut up into 45 lots that were read from an audio-booth. After a lot was read, the bidding started. A professional auctioneer performed the auction in 4 languages. It generated a competitive environment and intense bidding. All lots were sold.

As the lots were sold a story gradually unfolded. The story featured The Indian, the tiny economist and Wally Hope. Wally Hope refers to a man who became an icon of freedom in the mid-70ties. His multiple uses of the name Wally was a playful and idealistic attempt to create havoc with officialdom. Potential Estate conflates the Wally Hope character with multiplicity and hyper-mediatization. The village of Belgium, Wisconsin presents itself as the utopian location where part of the story is set.

The Crying of Potential Estate is also the mediated version of the above auction. It was screened live from a mini TV-studio Potential Estate had set up in the basement gallery, next to the audio-booth. In fact all visitors present on the evening of the auction performed as extras in the film. Although cameras and screen were very present in the setup of the space, the notion of being an extra only began to seep through after the auction.

Potential Estate is a Belgian collaborative practice that develops ‘residential’ scenarios. As a temporary collective it operates along models of self-organization. It applies forms of open production, oppositional practices and alternative economies. These themes and their intersections are highlighted in the different ways of presenting the outcome of Potential Estate activities, at this moment a number of cabinets, public events and a website…

A future ‘residency’ is the key issue around which Potential Estate was conceived. After an exploratory mission, Belgium, a small suburban entity in Wisconsin, U.S. – founded by their Belgian and Luxemburg ancestors – was identified as a possible ‘residential’ site.

Introducing the project in Cabinet Jacotot (2006) and Cabinet Reclus (2007) Potential Estate presented Cabinet Wally Hope from January 24th through March 8th 2008. In an effort to focus on the economy of the project Potential Estate decided to take over Koraalberg Art Gallery in Antwerp and re-conceptualize the gallery space. The action fictionalizes Potential Estate’s ambition to become viable and self-sustaining. Cabinet Wally Hope generated an event-based program with weekly highlights, most of which were public. Up until March 8th Potential Estate used the former gallery space also as an editing studio to develop the raw live-format of the opening event into a TV-format, The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version).

Potential Estate announces the distribution of The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version).

Publicity inserts in this TV-format are available and will be sold to the highest bidder. Potential Estate offers narrative placement: your publicity can become a character in the story.

Commercial details on this worldwide auction of narrative space are available on as from March 8th.

On March 9th Koraalberg Art Gallery, Antwerp resumes its activities.


Potential Estate
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