March 3, 2008 - SculptureCenter - Tom Burr
March 3, 2008

Tom Burr

Installation view of Addict-Love by Tom Burr,
January 13 – March 30, 2008 at SculptureCenter
Image c. 2008 SculptureCenter and the artist
Photo: Jason Mandella

sculpture in a constricted space and other stories
A performance by Tom Burr

Saturday, March 8, 2008, 6pm

Reading by Tom Burr
Live music by Gaël Horellou, Ari Hoenig, and Isaac Preiss

SculptureCenter is pleased to present sculpture in a constricted space and other stories, a performance by Tom Burr, in concert with his current exhibition Addict-Love at

SculptureCenter on Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 6pm.

Tom Burr reads sculpture in a constricted space and combines his 2006 text Ode to A Chair with improvised music by two highly regarded jazz musicians, Gaël Horellou on alto saxophone and Ari Hoenig on drums, accompanied by twelve-year-old Isaac Preiss on cello.

The artists mirror each other’s moods in humorous, tragic-comic swirls of responses, taking Burr’s Ode to A Chair as a point of departure and incorporating the musical energies of Kurt Weill, Rimsky-Korsakov, and various lineages of jazz.

Organized as a musical reading and cocktail party, the evening also emulates and renders homage to the environments of Chick Austin, Frank O’Hara, Kurt Weill, and Gertrude Stein.

Placed within the context of Tom Burr’s current exhibition Addict-Love, sculpture in a constricted space and other stories further explores how modernism can be perceived as a script meant to be endlessly repeated.

Tom Burr: Addict-Love
On view through March 30, 2008 at SculptureCenter

In Addict-Love, Tom Burr creates a set of abstract tableaux reflecting on modernity: its history, its personalities, and of course, its style. Burr ruminates on figures, moments, and the heady mises en scène that both gave rise to and were shaped by Modernism’s powerful ideology. These groupings include elements that are further developments in Burr’s repertory of forms. Burr describes his approach to the making of sculptural work as so many acts in a play, or stills in a film. This theatricality and his allegorical use of specific forms of the theater: platforms/stages, railings, curtains, lighting, mirrors, and personal articles that function as sculptural props suggest a history of modernism, and a history of sculpture, as a series of scripted gestures to be performed. To read more, click here to download the full press release.

In Practice
On view through March 30, 2008 at SculptureCenter
Forde & the Ashbirds (Aurelién Gamboni, Benjamin Lavigne, Damien Navarro, Vanessa Safavi, Konstantin Sgouridis, and Kim Seob Boninsegni), Drew Heitzler, Alix Lambert, Haley Mellin, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, Erik Smith, Agathe Snow

In Practice is an ongoing project series designed to support the creation of innovative work by emerging artists. To read more, click here to download the full press release.

SculptureCenter Lectures at The New School
Subjective Histories of Sculpture II

At the Theresa Lang Center at The New School
55 West 13th Street, 2nd Floor, New York City

SculptureCenter, in collaboration with the Vera List Center for Art and Politics at The New School, presents a series of artist-led lectures: Subjective Histories of Sculpture II. This lecture series furthers SculptureCenter’s exploration of how contemporary artists think about sculpture – its contingency and its legacies.

Sanford Biggers
Monday, March 3, 6:30pm

Robert Morris
Monday, April 7, 6:30pm

Visit SculptureCenter at the Armory Show
March 26-30, 2008
Pier 94, Booth 1301

Save the Date
SculptureCenter’s Lucky Draw
Thursday, April 17, 2008
For more information, click here.

For additional information please contact SculptureCenter: (1) 718.361.1750 or
Media contact: Katie Farrell,

About SculptureCenter
Founded by artists in 1928, SculptureCenter is a not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to experimental and innovative developments in contemporary sculpture. SculptureCenter commissions new work and presents exhibits by emerging and established, national and international artists. In 2001, SculptureCenter purchased a former trolley repair shop in Long Island City, Queens. This facility, designed by artist/designer Maya Lin, includes 6,000 square feet of interior exhibition space, offices, and outdoor exhibition space.

44-19 Purves Street
Long Island City, NY 11101


7 to 45th Road / Courthouse Square, E or V to 23rd / Ely, or G to Courthouse Square (note: the V train does not run on weekends). From all trains, walk north on Jackson Avenue one block past 44th Drive and turn right onto Purves Street.

SculptureCenter is five minutes from Midtown by subway.

SculptureCenter, New York

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