February 17, 2008 - Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory - Seeks a new director
February 17, 2008

Seeks a new director

Seeks a new director
Nieuwekade 213-215, Utrecht, 3511 RW, The Netherlands


Casco has a unique profile in the national and international art context. Casco works with international artists and designers on projects that are of an interdisciplinary nature, crossing between the fields of art, design, and theory, and exploring their relationships to contemporary social, political and cultural structures. Casco’s projects often take experimental and critical approaches, involving forms of participation and open-ended forms of inquiry that are not limited by set space or time frames, as well as workshops, events, symposia,
and publishing.

Casco seeks a new director who is able to continue the current policy and to expand upon the reach of the programme through international collaborations with like-minded institutions. The director is responsible for the artistic programme and the development of Casco’s identity within a local, national and international context. Moreover, the director leads a small organisation and is thereby also responsible for staffing and financial policy.

Written responses must be received before 3 March 2008

Send to:

Casco Board
Att. Lily van Ginneken, Chair
Casco, Office for Art, Design and Theory
Nieuwekade 213-215
3511 RW Utrecht NL


For more information about Casco and the job description see: www.cascoprojects.org

Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory
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