January 31, 2008 - Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation - Matthew Buckingham
January 31, 2008

Matthew Buckingham

Matthew Buckingham
Wednesday, February 6, 2008, 5-8pm
February 7 – April 6, 2008
Tue – Fri 12-4pm
Sat – Sun 12-5pm

Kungsbro strand 19
SE-11226 Stockholm
T +46-8/5021 98 38
index [​at​] algonet.se


What separates the firm document from what history randomly will preserve? What remains of a story when first hand accounts and visual representation is no longer imminent? The works of Matthew Buckingham (born 1963, Nevada, Iowa) reveals an interest in the construction of historical reality, and how genres like film and literature connect to notions of history and its underlying narratives. Here, such conceptions are put under scrutiny and given a visual representation, whilst narrative structures are made meaningful by elements of voice-over.

In the artist’s solo exhibition at Index, Buckingham juxtaposes Image of Absalon to Be Projected Until it Vanishes (2001) and False Future (2007), two works addressing ideas of historical presence versus the nonappearance. False Future, a 16 mm film installation tells the story of Louis Le Prince, the French inventor who, after his technological invention consisting of an eight-lens camera, mysteriously disappears after stepping onto a train in 1890. Was the surviving footage of the protagonist’s 1888 film photographic experiment – a split-second showing horses, carts and pedestrians crossing Leeds Bridge – an ambition to record moving images? With Buckingham’s returning to the historical site and his recreation of the motive, it becomes a ten-minute cinematic short story which seeks to unearth a forgotten or lost story hidden beneath its archival surface.

Buckingham’s slide piece Image of Absalon to Be Projected Until it Vanishes portrays the statue of Copenhagen’s mythical founder Absalon towards a wide open sky – shot from behind, almost disappearing and out of frame. The fact that the slide is slowly fading away due to the heat of the projected light contributes to the work’s transitional nature – an image and a legend returning to point zero where meaning has to be rediscovered.

Matthew Buckingham received his B.A. in film production and film studies from the University of Iowa in 1988, and in 1996 he completed an M.F.A. at Bard College. In 1997, he participated in the Whitney Independent Study Program, New York.

The exhibition at Index will be accompanied by the following events:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
6pm: Lecture Trond Lundemo: “Immersion and Absence in Early Cinema”, in English

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
8pm: Lecture Work Method (Guillaume Désanges and François Piron): ”Work and Method presents: Appropriate answers to various situations in the field of curatorial practice”, in English

Index the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

Index - The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation
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