December 17, 2007 - 49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine - The moment that never ends
December 17, 2007

The moment that never ends

Patrick Neu, Ailes de cire, 2007
Collection of the artist.
Copyright: Patrick Neu
Photo : Rémi Villaggi.

The moment that never ends
December 8, 2007 – March 9, 2008

1bis rue des Trinitaires, F-57000 Metz.
Tel : +0033 (0)3 87 74 20 02
info [​at​]

“One must learn to love the irreversible,” or at least enjoy it. What is existence if not an attempt to seize the moment, to subvert the flow of time, to defy it, or, in a word, to appropriate its ineluctable passing? Some, more than others, have developed an acute consciousness of time and offer us a sensory experience of it: to try to inhabit a moment by recording it, to translate through writing the time as it passes–day, month, year, hour, minute, second–in order to touch eternity with one’s finger as does Jean-Christophe Norman, or to fix on fragile supports (crystal, butterfly wings) silhouettes and figures that may vanish at any moment, as does Patrick Neu. If–in the tradition of vanitas–absence, trace, disappearance, finitude are recurrent themes in the work of these two artists, their evocation of the ephemeral offers above all a glimpse onto the infinite and the sublime, a unique and intense experience of the present. With poetry and subversion their works take on their own fragility and their own possible disappearance.

The slow and elusive trickling of the sand in Paul Kos’s hourglass, which represents the length of the exhibition; Éric Poitevin’s and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s enigmatic images set the rhythm to the journey through the exhibition and extend an invitation to meditation and exploration of the moment.

Featured artists:
Patrick Neu
Jean-Christophe Norman

Including works from the Frac Lorraine Collection by: Paul Kos, Eric Poitevin, Hiroshi Sugimoto

Partner: Patrick Neu’s works are displayed in partnership with CEAAC (Centre européen d’actions artistiques contemporaines) in Strasbourg.

Wednesday through Sunday, 12-7pm and Thursday 1-8pm.
Admission free.
Guided tours available free of charge Thursdays from 7 to 8pm and Sundays 5 to 6pm.
Group visits are available by appointment. Call 00 33(0)3 87 74 55 00.

SPRING 2008 //
Edition of a monograph dedicated to Patrick Neu
Bilingual French/English

Texts: Didier Semin, art historian, teacher in ENSBA, Paris, (National School for Fine Arts)
Edition: Frac Lorraine with the collaboration of CEAAC, Strasbourg

49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine
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