December 14, 2007 - Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci - Nessuna paura and Kids’ Riot
December 14, 2007

Nessuna paura and Kids’ Riot

Nessuna paura. Art from Italy since 2000
October 28, 2007 – January 7, 2008

Botto&Bruno. Kids’ Riot (In the House of Lost Sound)
October 28, 2007 – March 23, 2008

Fear is perhaps the emotion most characteristic of present society and perhaps the daily way of thinking of each individual, and it is only by observing the fears of our society that we are enabled to think deeply of
the future.

Nessuna paura (No fear) presents a restricted and well-defined picture of the present-day scene in Italian art of the most recent generation: Emanuele Becheri, Luca Bertolo, Rossella Biscotti, Alice Cattaneo, Masbedo, Andrea Mastrovito, Domingo Milella, Paolo Piscitelli. A group of artists who appeared after the beginning of the new millennium, not connected by any common matrix, but simply by their wish to confront the myths and tragedies of the past and the present.

Among the works on show are Insects to Feed by the Masbedos and the complete installation of Il sole splende a Kiev by Rossella Biscotti, new works made specially for this occasion by Andrea Mastrovito, Luca Bertolo and Emanuele Becheri, as well as videos by Alice Cattaneo and works by Paolo Piscitelli. And in addition there is Domingo Milella’s debut as an exhibitor in a museum.

By various ways and means these works propose “ways of reviewing stereotypes, building up the power of dissent in order to escape from what the system expects from us”.

Curated by Marco Bazzini. Catalogue: texts by Marco Bazzini and Mauro Panzera, interviews with the artists and pictorial autobiographies composed by the artists themselves. Book designed by Matteo Nannucci.

For over ten years Botto&Bruno have been concentrating their artistic research on the urban scene. Their works are environments on an oversize scale which launch the spectator directly into the scene, along with photomontages which bring into view whole sections of the disintegrating city.

The Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art now presents the exhibition Kids’ Riot (In the House of Lost Sound) — open until 23 March — in which, with a new video and a site-specific installation made especially for the Lounge, the two artists open the closed space of the museum to give us a chance of looking at what is happening around us. The art of Botto&Bruno brings with it all the tension of an unstable and fragmentary present, of a suspension of time that — after the manner of Beckett — heralds the advent of something that is not yet there.

Gianfranco Botto and Roberta Bruno (Botto&Bruno) were both born in Turin, in 1963 and 1966 respectively, and have lived and worked together since the early 1990s.

They have had solo shows at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (2000), the Chelsea Kunstraum in Cologne (2002), the Mamco in Geneva (2003), the Mamac in Nice and the Fundacio La Caixa in Barcellona (2004), and the École Nationale des Beaux Arts in Lyons (2005).

They have taken part in group exhibitions at the New Museum of New York (1998), Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena (1999), Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art in Prato (2000), Le Quartier Centre d’Art Contemporain in Quimper (France, 2000), Venice Biennale (2001), Busan Biennale (Sud Corea, 2002), MAXXI – Museo nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo in Rome (2007).

Curated by Stefano Pezzato. Catalogue: texts by Silvio Bernelli, Massimo Ilardi and Stefano Pezzato. Book designed by the artists.

Opening hours:
Monday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Tuesday closed

Exhibitions promoted by:

Regione Toscana
TRA ART rete regionale per l’arte contemporanea
Comune di Prato

Supported by
Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Banca Toscana

With the participation of
ASM SpA, Gruppo Consiag, CariPrato SpA, Unione Industriale Pratese

Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci
Viale della Repubblica 277
59100 Prato Italy
+39 0574 5317

Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci
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