The Republic of Kosovo Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

May 28, 2021
May 22–November 21, 2021
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The Republic of Kosovo Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Commissioner: Jehona Shyti, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Republic of Kosovo
Curator/Exhibitor: Maksut Vezgishi
Organisation: Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Republic of Kosovo
Exhibitors: Vildane Maliqi, Argjire Krasniqi, Feray Dervis, Recep Kerkezi, Gëzim Radoniqi
Music: Elvis Bytyqi, Gjulian Bytyqi
Graphic design: Nita Salihu Hoxha
Photographer: Edon Agushi
With the support of:  Presidency of the Republic of Kosovo

The role of urbanization is to create sustainable environments that bond human with nature and is part of planetary biodiversity. Hence, this is the noblest mission of architecture. Global urbanization is in expansion: population growth, constructions of mega-structures (housing, economy, communications, etc.). The process involves countries and societies where every decision has a global impact, thus a lack of sustainable planning places puts Earth at risk. The most acute issue is the global warming crisis. We lack the awareness and coordinated actions in order to avoid the effects of climate disaster. Today we have learned that no human action can be viewed as individual anymore.

Sustainable urbanization must respect ecosystem balances. Urb―architecture requires an innovative approach, construction of highly sustainable structures that protect the environment.

Environmental shaping revolutionizes social, political, and spatial concepts, and strengthens connections between people and countries. Currently, megastructures do not guarantee consistency. There are many stakeholders, with different interests, that determine consequences: governments, large financial centers, trade and economy, multinational companies...All of them have little consideration for rational planning and not―clever use of existing resources.

Whereas Earth is in a miserable situation, overwhelmed by waste that makes it a landfill. Eternity dreams and vision exist in transitional spaces and transitional experiences.

Social life as well is also miserable with houses turned into factories, recycling units, exploitation of child labor, construction works carried out within 24 hours...Urban life degrades into disrespect of the city as a human habitat. Earth and nature, are transformable. Memory, the pursuit of noble intentions as a “mobile archive” must be activated in the conscious world as an ideal, Fantastic―world of opportunities that architects and planners revive and update. In this regard, beyond individualism, firm commitment and continuous communication are required.

Kosovo has for decades been a country that was “developed” and degraded by dirty technology.

This chapter must be closed, and the sustainable development one should be opened. The CONTAINER project is a large open, enclosed object intended for loading various contents. It has an extraordinary form, function, and design. It is located in every commune. Around this container remain open a landscape of affordances, buildings constructed to be timeless― specifics offering new possibilities of use, spaces for experimentation, socialisation, reflection, activism, hope, new ideas, fantasies and purposes...“terra est stella.”

Maksut Vezgishi
Born in Prizren, Kosova in 1960, Vezgishi graduated in Architecture in University of Prishtina in 1990. He worked as assistant in the Faculty of Architecture from 1993―1996. At the same time he worked as artistic editor for the political magazine ZERI, as well for cultural Art&mix magazines in Prishtina. In 1990 he lead the “alternative scene” in city theatre in Prizren. Vezgishi’s interest in architecture and visual arts is “Experiment&Modern,” where he brings the attention to the search of Albanian current art. Vezgishi is an author in several disciplines of contemporary art. Since 1998 he lives and works in Brussels


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The Republic of Kosovo Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
May 28, 2021

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