December 8, 2007 - PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli - Footprints into the Future
December 8, 2007

Footprints into the Future

Hung Tunglu
3D Photograph on hologram
140 x 140 x 12cm

Tracce nel Futuro | Footprints into the Future
Until February 25th 2008

A-Min, Chen Chieh-jen, Hsiao Sheng-chien, Huang Sheng-yen, Hung Tunglu, Li Jiun-yang, Li Ming-tse, Lin Shu-min, Liu Kao Sing, Lu Mu-jen, Sheu Jer Yu, Tu Wei-cheng

Curated by Julia Draganovic and Tseng Fangling

Becoming aware of one’s historical-cultural background to represent its multiple facets in an innovative artistic production; crossing the bounds of the ancestors’ models; managing to say something new: these are the themes of Tracce nel futuro | Footprints into the future, the exhibition curated by Julia Draganovic, Artistic Director of the PAN — Naples, Italy, and Tseng Fangling, Chief Curator of the Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum — Taiwan. Tracce nel futuro is the third exhibition in the cycle dedicated to the theme of “Challenges”, which is held at the PAN from November 16th to February 25th 2008.

After exploring the image of the modern hero and beauty in a post-organic world, it is now time to ask ourselves: is a form of creative innovation that takes into account the cultural heritage, tradition and all that contributes to the making up of a people’s identity possible in today’s world?

An answer is provided by the works of 12 Taiwanese artists, who are called upon to tell about the transformation of oriental aesthetics and the rituals rooted in their Buddhist and Taoist culture through a fully contemporary language.

Among the exhibits will be Hung Tunglu’s mangas, moving in the lightbox among the traditional elements of Buddhist and Taoist spiritualism; Li Ming-tse’s paintings which — only at first sight — look like typical Chinese ink; a fake archaeological site on whose ancient walls Tu Wei-cheng displays accessories of the contemporary world, and the partly interactive installations by Hsiao Sheng-chien and Lu Mu-jen.

The exhibition also includes works by Chien Chieh-jen, who’s work testifies of the performances organised with former factory workers in dismissed industrial plants to tell their desperate attempt to perpetuate the history of 20th-century labour-based Taiwanese economy.

An ideal conclusion for our pathway is provided by a taste of high-tech Zen meditation. Lin Shu-min’s Inner Force proposes a contest between two people sitting one in front of the other who see the Alpha waves produced by their own brains taking the shape of a lotus projected on the floor. Like in the most classical of Asian traditions, the winner is the one who is more relaxed and can, therefore, produce more flowers!

In collaboration with
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan

Supported by
Council for Cultural Affairs, Taiwan
Taiwan Cultural Center, Paris
Yang Ming Group

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