Isa Genzken, “XXL”

Isa Genzken, “XXL”

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“XXL”, 2007
Plastic foil, punched eyelets,
screen printing and collage, 150 x 99 cm, number of pieces: 75.

December 8, 2007

Isa Genzken, “XXL”, 2007
Deutsche Bank edition

Isa Genzken has created an edition especially for Deutsche Bank based on the aesthetic of her project for this year’s Biennale. With her artwork “Oil” the artist represented the Federal Republic in the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which Deutsche Bank supported as the main sponsor.

Isa Genzken says that her work “has to have some link to reality.” This is the context in which “Oil”, the work of art she designed especially for the Biennale, is to be understood. “Oil” deliberately plays with different levels, referring both to something tangible — a scarce global commodity — and to the abstraction of the metaphor. “Oil” is an expression of the times in which we live, and reduces complexity to a meaningful image, which, it is not surprising, is used in various slogans and has come to symbolize the crisis of the future as well as an expression of freedom.

With the “XXL” edition, Isa Genzken takes up elements from this installation again. The white letters “XXL” printed on shiny black foil, represent, like “Oil”, both subtle and obvious criticism of a society of consumers who always want more. By using everyday utensils such as plastic foil, mirroring elements and found objects alongside “traditional” artists’ materials for the edition — in the same way as she does in her installations — her work is loaded with both personal and social and architectonic references.

In the early 1990s, Genzken’s first works on paper and photo series were acquired for the Deutsche Bank Collection and new pieces have been added up to the present. During this period she has been involved in numerous ways with Deutsche Bank’s art activities. For example, the artist developed the project proposal “Weltempfänger” (World Receiver) for the “Moment” art series, launched by Deutsche Bank to bring art into the public space. This year Deutsche Bank not only supported the German Pavilion, but also sponsored Isa Genzken’s artworks in the exhibition entitled “skulptur projekte münster”. “XXL” expands the scope of this extensive commitment.

Given the social relevance of the artwork, it only seems appropriate that the sales of the “XXL” edition should go to the Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation. The work of the foundation focuses on four areas: education, creating jobs, as well as combating crime and poverty. With its programs under the motto “Touching Lives — Shaping Futures”, the Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation intends to make an effective and tangible contribution to social and economic renewal over the next three years. The project “Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity” (NOAH) is aimed at caring for the approximately three million healthy orphans of Aids expected by 2008, for instance. The second major project of the Africa Foundation, the Educational Development Programme (EDP), promotes schools in structurally weak regions.

The DB Africa Foundation forms part of Deutsche Bank’s overall corporate social responsibility activities, which play a pioneering role in the private sector. The publication of Isa Genzken’s edition allows Deutsche Bank to combine two essential aspects of its corporate social responsibility activities: dedication to socially disadvantaged groups and support for contemporary art.

Proceeds go to the DB Africa Foundation

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Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Deutsche Bank is committed to the realization of a large number of corporate social responsibility activities that go beyond the sphere of the company’s business operations: through donations and sponsorships, the bank’s own projects and, to no small part, employees’ volunteer work. With its foundations and non-profit organizations, the bank is an active global corporate citizen dedicated to sustainability.

For more than 25 years, Deutsche Bank has been committed to promoting contemporary art. Under the motto “Art at Work”, the bank systematically acquires contemporary international art and displays it in bank buildings and exhibitions around the globe. With more than 53,000 works of art, the Deutsche Bank Collection is considered the world’s largest and most important corporate collection.

Deutsche Bank

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December 8, 2007

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