November 19, 2007 - Stroom Den Haag - NAVID NUUR: THE RISE OF “RE”
November 19, 2007


Navid Nuur, untitled (page from publication ETIOLATION


thru December 2, 2007

Hogewal 1-9
2514 HA The Hague
The Netherlands
Opening hours: Wednesday-Sunday 12-5 pm
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Stroom Den Haag presents the exhibition The Rise of “RE” by the artist Navid Nuur (1976, Teheran). Navid Nuur researches and changes the way we look at and experience a specific space; he is interested in the things we notice subconsciously, or the things we fail to notice because we are focussing on something else. Nuur uses concepts which deal with a temporary state. This approach places his work between the viewer and a usually abstract phenomenon like light, energy, air or ‘risidual space’. The results are mainly of a conceptual and cognitive nature. His installations, drawings and objects are best described as modules of thought. He himself prefers to call them ‘interimodules’. A module for a way of thinking/concept, a temporary
‘in between’.

Black absorbs all color, but where does it go? / The floor mirrors our private pressure. / Light is full of long knives that slowly scratches the floor, I just can’t hear it. / Try to realize the inception of tomorrow’s new and mint condition. / Some parts of the city overflow due to the fall of the night outside. / Please recolour my direction. / What I had lost in my studio was found by my studio. / Awareness is the ability of an entity to flow (more) meaningful. / I am never here, only there.

These loose sentences, taken from a sketchbook by Navid Nuur, are clear examples of the way he positions himself in the world and experiences his surroundings. Revealing multiple dimensions is a consistent factor in his practice as an artist. In this way he tries to establish a more profound connection between himself, the space and the viewer, a process he subsequently lays bare in his work. The first step in this process is the invitation card he designed for this exhibition.

Publication in concurrence with the exhibition: ‘ETIOLATION I’ by Navid Nuur. Published by Veenman Publishers, 128 pages in full colour. Texts: Huib Haye van der Werf (consultant visual arts Rijksbouwmeester), Edith Doove (International Art Agency, Brussels), Mihnea Mircan (curator Romanian pavillion Venice
Biennial 2007).

Navid Nuur (lives and works in The Hague) graduated from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam in 2004; in the same period he earned an MA at Plymouth University. His work has been shown at art initiative De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek, Helmond (2007), Galerie Blaak 10, Rotterdam (2006), ADA Gallery, Virginia, USA (2006), Academie Galerie, Utrecht (2005), and Ecole de Commerce, Paris (2004). Next year he will give a lecture/performance in the Banff Centre in Canada.

Other publications by Navid Nuur are ‘Afterouge’ (Revolver Archiv für Aktuelle Kunst in cooperation with PZI, 2006), ‘Sliding The Slow Split’ (Onomatopee, 2007). Articles on him have appeared in The Daily Constitutional part 2 and 3, (New York, 2006), Aesthesis Magazine (University of Essex, England).

The exhibition is made possible in part by the Mondriaan Foundation.

Stroom Den Haag focuses on the urban environment from the viewpoint of visual arts, architecture, urban development and design.

Stroom Den Haag
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