into it

into it

Kunstverein Hildesheim

Ana Roldán
Jede Reaktion ist eher von der augenblicklichen Gegebenheit bestimmt, als vom Talent jedes Spielers
Installation, Aluminium, Papier, 2007
Courtesy: Galerie Annex 14, Bern

November 18, 2007

into it
24 November 2007 – 27 January 2008

Opening 23 November 2007, 7:00 p.m.

Kehrwieder 2
31134 Hildesheim
Tel. +49 5121 2959 736
Opening Hours
Thursday to Sunday 3pm to 6pm

Intuition is generally understood to be the power of the unconscious, gut instinct, direct insight, a form of unconscious knowledge, or a flash of inspiration. Intuitive thinkingought is currently receiving a great deal of attention in various social sectors and scientific disciplines. In spite of recent discoveries in the natural sciences, along with experiences as to how one can put intuition to practical use, it is nonetheless still not totally clear how intuition actually works. The exhibition into it investigates–also against the background of the recourse to concepts of modernism undertaken by many contemporary artists–the current significance of intuition in contemporary art. The point of departure is the conviction that today intuition can no longer be understood as an independent, purely subjective, self-reflective, metaphysical act of cognition, but that it always occurs on the basis of rational concepts and knowledge. The exhibition presents works which focus on modes of intellectual intuition, direct cognition, the process of artistic insight, and decision-making, but also on their transformation in the course of art history and through the influence of the media. In this endeavor, the artists also reflect the intuitive perspective of the viewer. Both the exhibition and the accompanying conference inquire into the contemporaneity and relevance of intuition in art and society. Accompanying the exhibition will be a catalogue which provides a concluding documentation and summary, not only of the exhibition, but also of the presentations made during the conference.

Participating Artists:
Michael Beutler, Christoph Girardet & Volker Schreiner, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Miltos Manetas, Marcellvs L., Falke Pisano, Ana Roldán, T.A. Straub

Curator: Thomas Thiel

Conference Accompanying the Exhibition “into it” Exhibition conference on 24 November
24, 2007

Program Schedule:

2:00 p.m. — Prof. Dr. Ludger Schwarte, “Outline of a Theory of Intuition”

How is it possible for us to perceive something which we do not already know? How can we comprehend something in its quality of differentness? The concept of intuition is suitable for examining a perceptual process which is fundamentally different from information processing and the constructive power of imagination on the one hand, and from genuine guessing and parapsychological sensitivity on the other. In my lecture I seek to systematically differentiate intuition from other perceptual techniques, as well as to analyze the necessary preconditions which are the basis for this sort of intuitive perceptual process.

(This lectureLecture is in German)

3:30 p.m. — Prof. Dr. Friedrich W. Heubach, “What is Intuition? And Where Does Today’s Interest in this Question Come From? A Psychological Answer”

Psychological observations, not only about intuition, but also about the increased interest in the non-rational aspects of human activity such as, for example, “creativity,” “inspiration” and “emotional intelligence.”

(This lecture is in German)

5 p.m — Adrian Piper “Intellectual Intuition in Kant’s first Critique and in Samkhya/Yoga/Vedanta Philosophy”

Why does Kant think intellectual intuition is impossible for human beings, and why are the philosophies of Samkhya, Yoga and Vedanta so sure that it is? The answer lies in the contrasting conceptions of the self, objectivity, and methods of rational inquiry which each of these two perspectives ultimately presuppose. In the end, the second perspective finds a greater variety of capacities for knowledge in us, and therefore expects more of us. Some forms of artistic practice realize these capacities — and so fulfill the expectations that Kant claims we must not have.

(This lecture isLecture in English.)

6:00 p.m. Snack

7:00 p.m. Artists’ Conversation with the aAttending aArrtists of the Eexhibition into it

The exhibition is being supported by funds from the State of Lower Saxony, from the city of Hildesheim, and from Pro Helvetia.

For more information on the exhibition or images please contact Elke Falat

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